Skin Saviours for my Adult Acne

As a teenager I was pretty lucky and on the whole only had a few spots every now and then. Hitting my 20’s this all changed and I now have adult acne with very sore and combination skin. It wasn’t something I ever expected, adults don’t get acne? I am not the only one suffering as I look around my peers but it still greatly affects my confidence. I try my best to keep my skin clear with a good skincare routine. Although break outs flare up when I am stressed with these skin saviours I’ve seen great results.

My Skin Saviours

One product that I received as a sample and have since repurchased is the Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser. The starter Kit is great as you also receive two muslin cloths and a travel bag. I have seen such a difference to my skin after using this morning and night. Great for my sensitive skin, dry and oils patches and very effective at taking off make up. The muslin cloths are great for a little exfoliation but if your skin is super sensitive swap to a soft flannel.

skin saviours

Facials every few weeks are great for helping treat breakouts and keep skin calm and clear. It can be great to have some expert advice on what will help. Medspa offer a range of different treatments including microdermabrasion which I have loved in the past as well as Caudalie and REN Face treatments.

The REN Clean Skincare Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask is another skin saviour that I love to use myself at home. The mask is very strong, I only use it ever 2 weeks. I feel like it helps prevent any build up of bacteria and de-clog my skin. The mask removes dead skin cells so helps with congestion, blackheads and future breakouts. It instantly makes my complexion brighter but be careful. If you have very sensitive skin this mask describes itself as ‘a potent exfoliating mask’!

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My final skin saviour is finding a moisturiser that doesn’t break me out or add any excess oil to my skin. My sister showed my the Clean & Clear dual action moisturiser and I have found their oil free formula to work for me. It is light, refreshing and feels like it is also working as a spot treatment with its slight cooling sensation.

skin saviours

In the past I have used so many products to try and combat my skin and I think reducing this to a few key essentials has really helped. Let me know what your skin saviours are and if you have any products you would recommend.

skin saviours




  1. Khrissie Farrands
    2016/08/02 / 09:24

    I thought I was the only one with this skin type, mines exactly the same! I totally agree about keeping skincare simple, as I used to bung on everything to help reduce my breakouts but it only got worse as there was so much product on my skin. This is even down to make up. I feel like using a base really clogs up my skin and makes it worse in the end. Thanks for sharing, I’ll be giving that moisturiser a go for sure!


  2. cristy
    2016/08/02 / 10:30

    i love the liz earle cleanse and polish and the clean and clear moisteriser is so good xx

  3. 2016/08/04 / 21:29

    Oooh I’m really interested in the hot cloth kit!

    Mel ★

  4. steph hannam
    2016/08/29 / 08:45

    I absolutely love Liz Earle products, I have used them since I was 12 years old and they have done wonders for my skin, Loved your post x

    Steph x

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