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Sk:n Clinics - laser hair removal 1I recently heard about Sk:n Clinics, who use experienced doctors who will help you in achieving better looking skin by offering advice and treatments using the latest clinically proven products and technologies. They have many clinics around the UK and offer many treatments, from skin peels to acne scarring to laser hair removal.

Their laser hair removal treatment really caught my eye! It is something that I have been  keen to try for a while now. Sk:n Clinics are currently offering 30% off on Laser Hair Removal and the prices seem fantastic. I always thought of  laser hair removal being for older ladies helping to remove upper lip hair but at Sk:n their laser hair removal clinic offers a wide range of treatments.

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I hate shaving and waxing can be so expensive/painful, this looks like a fantastic alternative as laser hair removal treatment is described on their website as being safe and virtually painless. Many celebrities have spoken about choosing laser hair removal as their hair removal routine and it is now considered the highest quality, most safe and effective way to remove unwanted hair from visible areas.

Laser hair removal treatment halts hair growth by focusing a laser beam at the base of the hair follicle and is different to the Intense Pulsed Light system (IPL) which uses less powerful, diffused light waves. Sk:n Clinics laser hair removal can be performed on any part of the body, including the face, bikini area, legs and underarms. Eyebrows, underarms and legs would be first on my list of laser removal treatments!

Have you tried Sk:n Clinics Laser hair removal treatment? Let me know about it!

 Sk:n Clinics also keen you up to date with their blog and their Laser hair removal treatment pricing can be found here.

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  1. 2013/11/16 / 03:34

    Really helpful post! I must say, I’m still a little scared of this option, but I hate shaving and waxing so it seems like something I should consider! haha xoxo

    Emily ⎜

    • 2013/11/16 / 17:00

      Hehe glad its helped! I was a little scared about approaching this option until I found out that it is performed by doctors in a clinic :) xoxo

  2. 2013/11/16 / 11:26

    Hi I tried laser hair removal about 10 years ago but it encouraged hair growth and I ended up worse than before the treatment. Also, I really don’t like the way they shave first.
    Thank you for following my profile on bloglovin. I’m new to blogging. I wondered if you’d also like to follow my blog as well.
    many thanks

    • 2013/11/16 / 16:57

      Heya, aw thats a shame! This new treatment looks fantastic, sure its improved in 10 years :) xoxo

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