Soap and Glory Peaches and Clean wash-off deep clean milk Product Review

Soap and Glory Peaches and Clean wash-off deep clean milk

Soap and Glory Peaches and Clean wash-off deep clean milk is a product I’ve just started using this past month, it was recommended to my by a friend as a gentle and moisturising face wash. I did find it a little strange at first, it doesn’t lather up and it is so mild. The peach smell with it is gorgeous though and really refreshing! I’ve been using it on a night after removing my makeup and again in a morning before applying my makeup by massaging a splodge around my face then rinsing off with water.

I can’t really say that I’ve noticed a great change to my skin in terms of preventing spots and blackheads but my skin is very soft and fresh.  This wash is far less abrasive than most – something that I need at the moment, my skin is so dry with this winter weather!

Have you tried Soap and Glory Peaches and Clean wash-off deep clean milk? What did you think?

Soap and Glory Peaches and Clean wash-off deep clean milk 200ml



  1. Terri
    2014/01/16 / 17:34

    I found this really harsh! It almost stung! Do you apply to dry skin? I like the idea of using it after make up removal- thanks! :)

    • 2014/01/25 / 21:52

      Really? Maybe you are allergic to one of the ingredients? I have quite dry skin and often react to products but found this gentle :/ x

  2. Ellis Cochrane
    2014/01/16 / 18:05

    Oooh this sounds lovely! I’ve wanted to try this out for a while now – I think you’ve finally tempted me to give it a go! :)

  3. 2014/01/16 / 18:58

    I have this, it’s not really a cleanser as such I think it’s literally jut meant to be used before a cleanser to remove make up, which I find it to do pretty well, as its a little oily in texture it really helps break down make up and then it turns all milky when you wash it off :D I love the smell too….not much of a fan f the new packaging though it looks like toothpaste haha have u seen it? X

    • 2014/01/25 / 21:55

      yeah I just had a look, the new packaging isn’t too great is it…

  4. Ellie
    2014/01/16 / 21:45

    I’ve seen so many bad-alrightish reviews on this – but the name sounds amazing and just makes my mouth water. So glad it actually smells like the name.


    • 2014/01/25 / 21:57

      It really works for me but I love peach scent so maybe I’m biased :p

  5. Beckys Beautique
    2014/01/17 / 05:57

    I’m not too keen on this either… it doesn’t do anything for my skin just fels like Im rubbing a lotion on then rinsing, so many better cleansers on the market.

    • 2014/01/25 / 22:00

      I felt like that, just felt like I was rubbing moisturiser on then washing it off but after a week my skin was fantastic, was really surprised :) x

  6. 2014/01/17 / 15:09

    I’ve recently started using the Peaches and Clean 3-in-1 wash off deep purifying cleanser and it has made such a difference to my skin. I’ve been thinking about trying more from this range but I keep hearing bad things about this product. I hope the rest of the range is better

    • 2014/01/25 / 22:07

      I use some of the scrubs and moisturisers sometimes and find them quite good, I found this made such a difference to my skin! I think a lot of people don’t like the packaging with soap and glory products though xx

  7. Bethany
    2014/01/17 / 17:14

    I love, love, love Peaches and Clean. It’s so gentle and gorgeous! Makes my skin happy! :)

    • 2014/01/25 / 22:08

      Glad you like it too hun! makes my skin happy also! :D xx

  8. Leanne Webber
    2014/01/17 / 22:42

    Ooo I’ve actually never really noticed this product before.

    May have to look into getting this.

    Thanks for the review :)

  9. 2014/01/17 / 23:32

    I really wish I could purchase products from Soap & Glory. I don’t believe they’re sold in Aus! Do you know any good websites that might? xoxo

  10. Holly
    2014/01/18 / 12:41

    Love soap & glory

  11. Mel
    2014/01/18 / 22:29

    I’m usually a Simple girl when it comes to face products but I might give this a whirl considering the fact it smells like peaches. I’m so easy to please!

    • 2014/01/25 / 22:13

      Think that’s why I like it so much! really works for me :) x

  12. Sian Marie
    2014/01/20 / 20:16

    I have been using this since December and I am in love with it. It makes my skin feel so soft and smells amazing! Defiantly recommend it!


  13. 2014/01/30 / 22:37

    Soap and Glory has been on my WL for ages, I still haven’t had a chance to try any of their products!

    • 2014/02/01 / 01:24

      I love it as a brand, keen to try more of their things :) x

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