The latest trends in fashionable eyeglasses

There was once a time when glasses were seen as geeky or nerdy, but those days are far behind us now. For the past few years, eyeglasses have become cool and trendy, with prescription free lenses now becoming a popular fashion accessory. Now glasses shopping is no longer a chore and with all the various styles and colours available you could have a new pair for every day of the week. Here are some of the latest trends in fashionable eyeglasses.

Rose Gold Mirrored Sunglasses

  1. Wooden frames – this trend is a personal favourite of mine! Wooden eyeglasses don’t tend to be made of actual wood, rather wood effect, and can be a very striking fashion statement whilst still looking elegant and vintage. It is not yet a style that you see everywhere so you can get on top of this trend and stand out from the crowd with these stylish frames.
  2. Cat eye frames – these frames are a classic look that has always been on trend but has reached a level of popularity it hasn’t seen since the 1950s. The most sought-after option these days is a classic, exaggerated cat eye with a modern twist using bright colours or funky patterns to create a quirky yet sophisticated look.
  3. Thin rimmed aviator style – these are the most popular frames when buying prescription or lens-free glasses, so as a certified glasses wearer you can incorporate this trendy style when browsing for an upgrade on your old worn-out frames. Nothing says elegant like a dainty gold or rose gold frame, making even your most casual clothes look like a fashion statement.
  4. Oversized lens – the resurgence in eyeglasses seemed to originate with the oversized, round, nerdy style glasses. These thick, square frames were a must-have photo accessory in the days of Myspace and Tumblr but have taken on a more casual, wearable role in recent years by toning down the bold colours or thinning out the thick frame. Or alternatively, you can still go all out and get the dark coloured, chunky frames for a more out-there hipster look.
  5. Big round frames – perfectly circular lenses no longer just conjure up images of Harry Potter, as these round frames have faced increasing popularity over the past few years with both durable plastic frames and daintier frames being available to fit this style – taking inspiration from the metal-rimmed round frames that were popular in the 80s and 90s.
  6. Blue light lenses – blue light glasses were becoming fairly common for office workers and gamers, or anyone who spent a long period of time in front of a screen, but as technology advances (and the global wide increase in screen time due to the pandemic) more and more people are looking into glasses that can protect their eyes from harmful digital blue light. Eyecare is always in fashion! And as this is a type of lens, you can often get blue light filtering lenses put into any frame you choose as many retailers now offer it as an add-on along with the standard scratch-resistant film or anti-glare technology.

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