The Numero Sunglasses

The Numero Sunglasses reviewThe Numero SunglassesThe Numero Sunglasses product reviewThe NumeroThe Numero Sunglasses PackThe Numero Sunglasses ZeissThe Numero Sunglasses Blog These are The Numero Sunglasses from ‘The 7’ collection featuring Todi* and D’Ampezzo* frames. The Numero use Carl Zeiss lenses across their entire range, which guarantees high level protection for your eyes. The lenses are very clear to see though, you can tell that the lenses are Zeiss lenses as there is a ‘Z’ engraved into each lens, shown in the second to last picture.

You can spot The Numero sunglasses from their different colour point, I really like the contrast of the white against black, not so keen on the blue against brown. I love the style of frames, very Ray Ban/ Audrey Hepburn esk. Slightly oversized but flattering, perfect for this coming summer. The glasses are undeniable gorgeous and high quality but delivery time for me in the UK was about a month and a half and I received rude service from  a member of The Numero team, it may just have been me being unlucky but  I can’t recommend a product without letting my readers be aware of this.

What are your sunglasses this year? Have you tried The Numero Sunglasses?


The Numero


No7 Stay Perfect Lipstick Classic Rose



  1. Leneth
    2014/03/02 / 17:47

    Love them, they look great on you !

  2. Kirsty
    2014/03/02 / 19:55

    Love the lipstick – I love Number 7’s rose range, classic rose, coral rose etc. so pretty.

  3. Mel
    2014/03/02 / 22:24

    The white against the black one is definitely better than the blue against the brown one. That’s such a shame about the customer service! Nothing annoys me more than crap customer service.

  4. Katherin Sanders
    2014/03/04 / 13:28

    I’m super into round frames right now, but I do adore those. Fabulous.

  5. Jessica Cocita
    2014/03/09 / 16:46

    I absolutely LOVE these sunglasses!! I’ve been looking for a similar pair for awhile now. Thanks for following me on Bloglovin’. I look forward to reading more of your stuff! :)


  6. Jilian Banjoko
    2014/03/17 / 21:04

    loving the shape of these shades! really compliment your features. x

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