The Somerset Toiletry Company

The Somerset Toiletry Company

If you’re a long time reader you will know that I love bath and shower products, my latest favourite find coming from the Bathory. I was recently contacted by The Somerset Toiletry Company and asked if I would like to try out some of their range of products, which when I saw and smelt what they had on offer I gladly accepted. I was sent by them some of their hand cream, soap and muscle bath soak.

Rose Petal Milled Soap

This has to be some of the most fragrant soap that I’ve received in a long time. The soap itself is pink and has this amazing aroma and vintage imprint. To me is smells like flowers and fruit but isn’t overwhelming, the only thing I could compare it to is the really nice smelling part of all garden centres, that would make more sense if you smelt it! But having used it now for 2 weeks I’ve had no adverse effects to trying it even though skin is super sensitive at the moment. The package was also really nice, featuring some hand drawn designs on the paper wrap making the product feel like an absolute treat.

The Somerset Toiletry Company

Gardeners Therapy Muscle soak

Normally you can find me with either a lush bath bomb or some Radox soak. But it is really nice to try something different. The bath soak smells a lot like peppermint and lavender. After reading about what these do you can understand why I was so relaxed while bathing with it. It also has some essentials oils that help cleanse and revive skin. I can’t say much more other than I really enjoyed bathing with these product. It will definitly be on my list again should I end up doing a impulse purchase once I’ve finished off all my current bath products.

The Somerset Toiletry Company

 Verbena Luxury Hand Cream

Not sure what it is but as of late my hands feel really dry at night so it was great to test out some hand cream. The verbena hand cream packaging is so cute and comes in a large silver squeeze bottle. The product itself is very thick and leaves slight balmy residue so I’ve only been using it at night as a deep moisturiser. It has a fantastic smells of fresh lemons, some reviews have compared this to Jif and whilst I can see the similarity, I love citrus beauty products and their natural health benefits. Its done a fantastic job of making my hands feel soft and moisturised again.

The Somerset Toiletry CompanyThe Somerset Toiletry Company

Let me know if you have had any experiences with the above products or have purchased from the Somerset toiletry company before. I look forward to reading your comments below.


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