Travels as a Brit Abroad

I am very British. I am awkward. I am easily embarrassed. I am sickeningly polite. This continues on my travels as a Brit abroad.

Travels as a Brit Abroad 1

Travels as a Brit Abroad

We have all felt that smugness when we see the rain-filled weather forecast from home, and then innocently posted pictures of the contrasting weather forecast while away. When leaving the UK not only do I bring my own tea bags, I also bring a travel kettle. It’s just better to be safe than sorry.

Travels as a Brit Abroad

Walking around abroad I am the obvious tourist, reading from my guidebook with my days fully planned out. Attempting to speak the language and ultimately just embarrassing myself. In Paris, I asked for “deux baguettes s’il vous plaît” pointing at the baguettes whilst hold up two fingers. Unconfident, but knowing it was a safe bet to start putting my GCSE French to good use. My Yorkshire accent left the baker and other customers looking puzzled, and, in the end, I was asked, in English, if I were looking for a toilet.

Travels as a Brit Abroad

Restaurants can always be tricky. When ordering, if it is something I cannot pronounce, (this also applies in the UK) I just end up randomly pointing at something vegetarian on the menu in the hope that it will be edible. I know I’m not alone in being given the wrong meal and quietly eating it anyway, hoping no one on my table notices either. Tipping abroad can present as somewhat of an issue. What is the protocol? Can 10% ever be wrong? According to a study by Voucherbox, Brits tip more for a cute waiter! –  but I couldn’t possibly comment on this.

Travels as a Brit Abroad

There are always fun travel traditions for Brits. Coming home horrifically sunburnt after rinsing duty-free. Tutting at queuing etiquette and going, unnecessarily shiftily, through the metal detector. Please tell me I am not alone?

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Travels as a Brit Abroad



  1. Pili G
    2017/02/28 / 16:35

    All this pictures look amazing! And I defiantly feel you on the French struggle, I was in France last month and I thought the little french I learned in High School would be useful, but now, I couldn’t even ask for a coffee and everyone just looked at me so confused.
    Records of my Troubles

  2. Alex Quinn
    2017/02/28 / 19:46

    I love travelling! I can’t wait to book some trips away this year. Looks like you had a lovely time.

    Alex Quinn

  3. 2017/03/01 / 12:40

    Lovely photos! I’m terrified to go abroad I really don’t know how people do it because not being able to communicate properly to anyone sounds like my worst nightmare!

    Mel ★

  4. 2017/03/01 / 22:29

    Every time I go abroad I wish I spoke the language fluently- even though I can kinda speak French, German and Spanish I always chicken out and just go with English as I feel less judged than attempting and failing, plus my accents leave far too much to be desired!

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