Treating OCD: Psychotherapy or Medication?

Obsessive compulsive disorder is a mental health condition that affects your routines, behaviors and thoughts. It is a massive change in lifestyle, and is not something that can be easily ignored. If you suffer from OCD, then getting help should be a priority.


There are many types of psychotherapy in practice exclusively to treat OCD. First Light Recovery has a unique take on every individual case rather than a linear goal. These small differences can completely change the progress of a specific program. It’s also what patients look for when they want a more cooperative way to deal with the side effects of OCD. Whether the symptoms are major or minor, a lot can be done when OCD is looked at from all angles.


Medication has been the default way to deal with OCD for several years. It has history, but there is a lack of flexibility when it is given out without a plan. There is no drug that flat out cures OCD, but there are effective ones that null some of the most active side effects. This of course comes with a brand-new set of lesser side effects, but for most, the tradeoff may be worth it. When medication is mentioned, sometimes psychotherapy is offered beside it as a partner. With the two combined, the patient has less of a burden to depend on heavy medication so that they can resume a normal lifestyle.


There are a lot of celebrities with proven OCD. These are some of the greatest actors, singers and artists of our time. There are a lot of characters played by actors that rely on a main trait inspired or derived from OCD. It comes as no surprise that OCD is as popular a disorder as being bipolar or manic depressive. This popularity has led to a lot of attention in finding treatment that eventually created the strong push into psychotherapy. When it comes to OCD, the psychotherapy implementation is probably the most polished of any other field in health. A lot of care and attention went into ensuring that patients have a solid choice.

The Difference

Psychotherapy has a better chance at more lasting results than medications. But medicine has a better chance at a quicker, short-term bounce back. For many, OCD medicine is the easiest way to kickstart yourself back into a normal lifestyle. But there is a balance that is hard to keep, as the medicine can only hold the door for so long. This is why when medicine is offered, psychotherapy is mentioned in order to level things out for the long-term. The medicine kickstarts the process, and psychotherapy takes over the reigns to keep things in line.

But for patients that don’t want to deal with the side effects of medicine, the slow burn of psychotherapy is the perfect process. Everyone is different, so having a choice between these two options is a win for all involved.

Making A Promise

Psychotherapy is the first step to gaining a healthy mind. This is a process that works better when you’re willing to accept professional help. Lifestyle adjustments are expected, and it is something that is fully within your power to accomplish. 


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