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Who are UK Models?

UK Models are a London based modelling support service with 14 years of experience in the industry. It is important to understand that UK Models is not an agency but a company that strives to help aspiring talent. The creative establishment never claim to be a modelling agency and the two concepts are very different.

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Registering to UK Models, allows the expert team to review a models application to assess their potential and suitability to the industry. Successful candidates will be invited to the studios in the capital for a photoshoot to produce professional portfolio worthy photographs. The captured images will provide the tool to approach agencies but UK Models will not directly find work for you – that is the job of an agent.

To receive this professional service, aspiring models will have to pay for the privilege. The cost includes the hiring of a studio, a photographer, hair stylist, make-up artist and the invaluable experience and knowledge built over the 14 years. To arrange this independently will most likely cost a lot more without the guarantee of a high standard. The service at UK Models takes away the stress and uncertainty as everything is provided for you.

How can UK Models help aspiring models?

Supporting emerging talent is UK Models main aim and therefore, it does not matter if you have not modelled previously. The photoshoot allows for new models to experience posing in front of a camera building confidence and an edit of high quality images. The photographs can be used to build a professional modelling portfolio that can be taken to agencies for review.

The images can be uploaded to an online portfolio/website, printed in a professional folder and feature on a Z-Card (a models business card). All are valuable resources that will help aspiring models to begin their modelling career. Z-Cards can be handed out at networking opportunities for future employers to keep. Alongside the stunning photography will be your contact details including your online portfolio where more images can be viewed. In the modelling industry, there are a lot of networking events where a business card is required.
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UK Models pride themselves on supporting young models. A lot leave the studio feeling much more confident in their talent and future career. Being able to experience a professional photoshoot is so beneficial as the model can experiment with different poses and uncover the relationship between the photographer and the muse. Taking direction and understanding body awareness is a huge lesson to learn in modelling. Also, young talent can ask questions that have been troubling them and truly get to know the industry they are about to enter from the expert team who are more than happy to help.
Where to find legitimate reviews about UK Models?

Reviews are the perfect way to understand whether a company is legit or not. It is important to stay informed before agreeing to work with a company and testimonials are a fantastic way to uncover the truth about a brand/establishment. Individuals who have had a great experience will definitely want to sing the companies praises yet similarly those who are not so happy will like to warn others to stay clear. Therefore, it is highly important to read as many reviews as possible to balance out everyones opinions. If most are positive but there are one or two that are more negative you know it is a reputable company. It is impossible to please everyone 100% of the time.

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UK Models reviews can be found online. Follow their social media accounts especially Twitter, Facebook or look to Trust Pilot for honest model reviews who have taken part in the photoshoot. Aspiring models love to tweet about their experience alongside their professional modelling photographs to show their friends and most importantly thank UK Models. It is the easiest, quickest way to show gratitude and similarly complaints in the modern world we live in. Scan their social media pages to get an insight into the modelling company and view the examples of work to determine if you are impressed with what you see.

Take a look at some Twitter reviews that we have found.

Tweet from Kimberely J Walsh @KimberleyJ90

“Thank you to the team at @UKModelsLondon loved my photoshoot and the experience xxx”

Tweet from Julia O’Flannery @juliaoflannery

“Really enjoyed my photoshoot with @UKModelslondon just waiting on my portfolio now!”

Tweet from Charlie Wagstaff @Chascritical

“@UKModelslondon – Lucia had a wonderful session this Saturday – thank you for your professionalism and care – you made her feel special.”

Tweet from Aaron Sparks @azz_sparks

“I aspire to become a model for @Topman Thank you @UKModelslondon for giving me this platform. My portfolio came today!”

Tweet from Jeff // PINNED @zamolownsmyass

“@UKModelslondon thank you so much for the shoot! It was so fun and was a great experience.”

Also, visit their website to scroll through a selection of Trust Pilot reviews. Click on the link which takes you directly to the site to see an unedited collection of reviews left by aspiring models themselves. Here individuals can rate the company out of 5 five stars and leave a comment, which is open to the public to view. With over 100 model reviews available it will be easy to gauge a trustworthy opinion of UK Models.

View a selection of Trust Pilot reviews.

5 star review from Sally Hughes

“Fun, friendly and fantastic!

My son cannot stop talking about his visit to the Blue Room. He loves having his picture taken so he was really excited about his visit. He was nervous too but after the staff explained it all he started to relax and soon he was really enjoying himself. We ended up with some really great shots and we definitely recommend any parent to take their kids, if they aspire to become a model in the future.”

5 star review from Jasmine Phillips

“I can not praise Blue Rooms any higher, just try them.

Brilliant service, great staff, amazing location, I can not say enough about Blue Rooms to recommend it, I really can’t. So, don’t just take my word for it, give them a try and you too will see just how professional they are. They really know everything there is to know about taking great photos and making you look like a star. Blue Rooms make top quality photography look so easy!”

5 star review from Josh Sinclair

“Seeing is believing, I loved my time here.

I was so impressed Blue Rooms I almost did not want to leave at the end of session. I have never met a friendlier and knowledgeable bunch of people. They really do care about what they do, they aspire to make everyone look their best at an affordable price too, and that shows! I was so impressed with what I saw that I bought a portfolio right there!”

4 star review from Benjamin Knight

“I loved Blue Rooms and their professionalism!

It’s so rare these days to find a business that still takes pride in what it does. Blue Rooms are passionate about photography and they love what they do. Most of all though, they put customers first. I was very happy with my visit to Blue Rooms and the staff and facilities were top-notch and a credit for anyone who wants great photos or wants to learn how to be a great model.”

4 star review from Livvy Maslow

“Going down to London for the day and having a photoshoot with UK Models was one of the best days of my life and an experience I’ll remember for the rest of my life. Everyone is so nice and lovely, my makeup artist and photographer were incredible. It was such and amazing day and I can’t thank UK Models enough.”

How can you determine the reviews are legit or faked?


Unfortunately, there will always be negative reviews published online as not everyone can be 100% satisfied. The modelling industry is a highly competitive world where rivals may post negative comments to try and destroy a companies reputation. Therefore, it is difficult to find a trustworthy source. Make sure that you read the reviews of customers rather than competitors as these are legit testimonials.
Trust Pilot is a platform where only customers are allowed to post reviews and comments on their experience. These are checked by UK Models and reported if any do not conform to the strict Trust Pilot guidelines. Therefore, fraudulent comments will not appear on the feed only trustworthy and legit reviews from a UK model.

UK Models retweet reviews from models who have attended the studio from legit Twitter profiles. The tweet usually includes a photograph to prove that the holder of the account has in fact been invited to the studio and enjoyed the experience.

A model forum is a place where individuals like to express their opinions openly. However, it is important to check the legitimacy of the UK review to confirm that the person is real and not trying to stir trouble. On this occasion it is probably best to stick to the channels mentioned above to guarantee a trustworthy source.

How to avoid modelling scams?

Scams are common in the modelling industry and it is extremely important for young hopefuls to be very wary of new opportunities. There are many ways to guarantee your safety, which we will list below.

uk models scam alert

Never agree to a Skype call with an unknown company or individual.
Do not get undressed on a video call as this is NOT the norm and may result in unwanted images circling the web.
Legit modelling companies will never contact potential talent via social media. Do not reply or entertain their proposal.
Trustworthy companies operate through professional channels such as email and phone calls and are always responding to your outreach to them.
Never go alone to a meeting. Arrange to meet in an open space with lots of people around and bring your parent.
Do not trust a company straight away by accepting an invitation to their house.
Research every company that you come across by analysing their website, reviews and social media accounts.
Be careful when parting with money as unfortunately, some companies will take a payment without delivering on their promise.
Again, identify their reputation before giving money to a company or brand.

If you follow these steps, you will feel safe and in control of your career. It is very tempting to accept any opportunity that arises due to eagerness and desperation. A more careful, well thought out approach is needed to safely navigate through the industry,


UK Models is a legit company trying to support aspiring models on their journey to enter the competitive industry. By providing a friendly, professional service the hopefuls can build confidence and a portfolio to approach agencies with. The service would very much appeal to those working towards their dream career as a model.

Through reading UK Models testimonials on Twitter and Trust Pilot it is easy to identify that the company is extremely trustworthy. The positive, kind words explain the enjoyable, worthwhile experience at the studio led by very friendly, knowledgable individuals. Happy with their photographs many would definitely recommend to friends who are hoping to become a model an experience a photoshoot.

It is really important to note that UK Models is not an agency and is not trying to be. Their aim is to provide a service that supports talented individuals and form a portfolio full of high quality model shots. The resource is a great tool for then approaching model agencies to showcase their potential and experience.

Always carry out an analysis of any company that you wish to work with to uncover their legitimacy. Look to social media and Trust Pilot to truly gauge how models previously have found the experience. It is such a great way to remain safe and to reassure that the company is trustworthy and worth proceeding with. Never go alone to any meeting but take a relative with you for safety.




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