Valentines Day Wishlist – Love is in the air

Love is in the air so here is my Valentines Day Wishlist to help you find some love themed items :) Perfect for hinting to partners about! I love the  John Lewis Rosewater Heart Glass Candle Jar and it’s only £5.

What are your Valentines Day buys this year?

Valentines Day Wishlist

  1. Heart Umbrella – Soft Pink.
  2. Lolita Heart Of Gold Wine Glass
  3. Home Collection Heart Picture Frame
  4. Miss Selfridge Valentines midi rings
  5. Personalised Hearts Candle
  6. Valentino Valentina Assoluto 50ml
  7. Linden Lady Valentine 6 Fudge Box
  8. Pandora Design Love Letter Complete Valentines Bracelet
  9. John Lewis Rosewater Heart Glass Candle Jar
  10. Home Collection Picture Frames (2 Pack)
  11. Barry M Lip Paint – Cranberry Red
  12. Anna Sui ASOS Exclusive Minnie Mouse Nail Polish
  13. Love Hearts Sticky Notes
  14. New Look Red Valentines Cupcake Set


  1. 2014/02/04 / 11:26

    I’ve always been a fan of Valentine’s day! I love that umbrella! Lovely wishlist. Hope the bf gets a clue ;)

    • 2014/02/08 / 01:04

      me too! my umbrellas my favourite, never seen anything like it before xx

  2. sarazbeautytonic
    2014/02/04 / 11:33

    heart umbrella!!!thats creative…its soo cute..would be nice to get under it with hubsy..

    • 2014/02/08 / 01:05

      it is so cute, there are other colours available too xx

  3. Jessie
    2014/02/04 / 11:42

    I’m not a fan of Valentine’s day so I steer away from all the heart-shaped objects lol. I did give in and bought a muffin pan shaped like tiny hearts because my mom insisted I bake some mini-heart muffins lol

    • 2014/02/08 / 01:05

      Aw that sounds awesome…may look into purchasing one haha x

  4. Sian Marie
    2014/02/04 / 11:48

    Them photo frames are the cutest!!



  5. Lyndsey Smile
    2014/02/04 / 12:37

    I love the heart picture frame, think I may get one to put pics of me and my boyfriend in when we move in together :)
    The Cupcake set is so cute, I may even bake him some cakes if he gets me them ;) xx

    • 2014/02/08 / 01:07

      hehe true! big fan of the shabby chic picture frames x

  6. Lizzy
    2014/02/04 / 14:52

    the umbrella and minnie mouse nail polish are so cute

    • 2014/02/08 / 01:07

      thanks hun, want the Anna Sui minnie mouse range stuff so bad x

  7. 2014/02/05 / 03:46

    I would love the pink heart shaped umbrella, Barry M Lip Paint- Cranberry red and the Minnie mouse nail polish! I could go on and on but you would get bored…..LOL!

    Beauty Blogger

    • 2014/02/08 / 01:09

      Big fan of the list? Its a big wishlist, kept finding more things I liked! X

  8. 2014/02/05 / 04:34

    That umbrella is so cute, I’d use it all the time! I also want some of that fudge. My friends and I are buying each other discounted candy the 15th, haha.

  9. Cliona Hill
    2014/02/05 / 11:36

    I love the heart candle jar! It’s so cute x

    • 2014/02/08 / 01:15

      Loving shabby chic atm and old fashioned jars #needthis :)

  10. Ana Paula
    2014/02/05 / 16:30

    Aw! I found you on bloglovin. Your blog is the cutest.
    The heart shaped umbrella is lovely :)

  11. Alex
    2014/02/05 / 21:23

    My favourite bits are the candle jar, the heart shaped picture frame, lipstick, and pandora bracelet, but everything else is cute too! xx


    • 2014/02/08 / 01:19

      thanks hun, glad you like them! hard for me to pick favourites from them! xx

  12. Hannah Cox
    2014/02/06 / 20:19

    I absolutely love the wine glass! So adorable :-)

    Hannah x

    • 2014/02/08 / 01:22

      I have a few decorated wine glasses – birthdays and snowmen but I love this heart wineglass :) x

  13. Ambellia Louise
    2014/02/07 / 23:55

    That umbrella is so cute & different I want it xx

    • 2014/02/08 / 01:31

      I’ve never seen one like it before, really want it although I never manage to keep them long…always leave them on the bus :p x

      • Ambellia Louise
        2014/02/08 / 10:13

        :’) me either, but mine is due to them just breaking. I get through so many, I’d properly just keep this one indoors… Unless it’s made of steel. x

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