Wedding jewellery inspiration

Wedding jewellery should be beautiful and eye-catching. But of course, on your wedding day it shouldn’t be the jewellery that is the main attraction, it should be you! So how can you take this advice and apply it to your own wedding jewellery? Here are three places to look for inspiration.

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Inspiration 1 – The colour of your dress

The colour of your dress can inspire all kinds of jewellery ideas. Why not start by considering the tone? If you have chosen a creamier colour then pearls could work very well to complement the warmth, as would gold. Whereas, if you have chosen a purer, cooler white then silvers or golds will pop and diamonds and glass will glint. Of course, if you already have pearls or crystals on your dress then you can pick them out in your necklace, earrings or bracelets to create a pulled-together feel for your wedding jewellery. And if your dress isn’t cream or white, but red, green or some other striking colour, then take inspiration from this and include coloured stones and enamels to intensify the effect.

Inspiration 2 – The style of your dress

Consider the style of your wedding dress. A deep v-neck begs for a pendant necklace, whereas with a high-necked dress you might want to avoid a necklace and allow the focus to be on the dress fabric at that point. If you have a v-backed dress then there is an opportunity for a back necklace, particularly if you already have an unconventional style. The key here is to think about the features you love in your dress and use the jewellery to enhance and highlight them, but not overwhelm them.

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Inspiration 3 – Your theme

If you have a defined theme, then why not use it to inspire your jewellery choices? For a country-style theme, look for more simple styles, avoiding too much crystal or diamond embellishment and focusing instead on character pieces that take inspiration from nature – perhaps containing flower or wheat motifs. If you have focused on a particular decade such as the 1920s, then do a search for vintage-style jewellery to get that truly authentic feel. You may find jewellery options that you had not even considered – for example, 1920s brides often wore elaborate headdresses, while contemporary brides did not.

Inspiration 4 – Celebrity style

Whether you are a fan of celebrities or not, they do have access to the very latest styles and stylists, so looking at their wedding jewellery can be a great source of inspiration for your own. Search for celebrities whose look you admire, or whose wedding you have spotted in news or on social media. You can find some beautiful pieces that could inspire your own look and see some unusual ways of putting them together, too. It’s like having your own stylist without paying for one!

Whether your choices are striking or subtle, you can be sure that well-chosen jewellery will enhance your look, express your personality, and add the finishing touch that brings that flash of joy.


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