Wedding weight loss #12 – 1 and a half stone loss!

Last week at Slimming World I unfortunately wasn’t able to stay (heading out to a pizzeria and gelateria for Jons birthday, oops) but we managed to get weighed before going out.

I expected this week to be pretty bad, I had a Champagne Afternoon Tea at Betty’s in York (blog post coming soon) and I didn’t say no to anything. The food was beautiful, it was a treat for Jon’s birthday and well, how often do you get to have Champagne Afternoon Tea at Betty’s? Hoping for a maintain at the best and a big gain at the worst I was happy to discover that this weeks weight loss was -1, bringing me to another milestone of 1 and a half stone total weight loss. I wasn’t the only success this week, mum lost another 2.5lb and reached her 2 and a half stone loss so we have both done really well.

wedding weight loss

This time of year is much harder, lots of close ones birthdays, my anniversary and all of the festive celebrations, so sticking with weight loss can be really hard. I am going to try to stick to it a little but if I say no to everything I will just become discouraged. Our Slimming World leader said to think of it if you go off track or eat out, as just 1/21 meals that week, don’t stress over it and make sure your other meals are on target.

Next week is our Slimmers World Christmas party so we will all be taking a little Slimming World food to try out. A recipe I think that I will have to give a go is this, for a Bailey’s Chocolate Cheesecake. It looks delicious and is only 4 syns per piece, if it works out well I will have to make it for over Christmas.

Overall Results – Wedding Weight Loss Plan #12

Weeks Weight Loss

– 1 lb

Wedding Weight Loss to date

– 21 lb



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