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Wedding Weight Loss Plan #2

Week 2 of dieting, this might be the longest I have ever stuck with a diet? I say diet loosely, I have been keeping track of my calories yes but I have had more of a lifestyle change with my wedding weight loss plan, going for healthier, filling meal choices and reducing desserts, chocolate and cheese intakes as well as upping my exercise game.

This weeks wedding weight loss plan went well but there were a few bad days. When considering my diet I wanted to make sure that it didn’t end up being a nuisance socially and also that it didn’t offend anyone. This week I had a fairly high calorie day as it was my soon to be father in laws birthday so there was a piece of his birthday cake followed by a BBQ with friends in the evening. Whilst I feel guilty about some of that now I know I wouldn’t have given it a second thought two weeks ago so my attitude towards food is changing.

That being said tracking my calories on myfitnesspal app I ate between 1105 and 1210 calories excluding my naughty Saturday eating of 1720 calories. This week I haven’t felt anywhere near the same interest in snacking or puddings although we have had hot weather which helps!

wedding weight loss planTop 3

The top 3 best discoveries of the week were first – ice lollies. This week we found Mojito lollies that were low-calorie but tasted amazing and felt such a treat. They also aren’t over in one go so you have time to enjoy it.

Second, not planning my meals this week really let me down. I didn’t end up trying any new recipes and felt uninspired. This week before shopping I need to find tasty recipes so I don’t become bored with repeated meals.

Third, dieting does not have to mean missing out. As mentioned above I had birthday cake and a BBQ this weekend. Earlier in the week my fiance and sister were going to five guys and I really didn’t want to miss out. I looked online and researched the calories. A veggie sandwich fitted into my calories and although it isn’t very healthy as a one-off was fine.

Overall Results – Wedding Weight Loss Plan #2

Weeks Weight Loss

– 2lb – Wahay!!

Weight Loss to date

– 2.6lb

Weeks Measurement Changes –

Bust: -2cm
Waist: -1cm
Hips: -0cm
Thighs: -0cm

Measurement Changes to Date –

Bust: -5cm
Waist: -1cm
Hips: -3cm
Thighs: -1cm

I am pretty happy with my overall results from my wedding weight loss plan so far, especially after just 2 weeks!

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