What are the Simplest Ways to Declutter Your Home?

There are many reasons to declutter your house. Maybe you are moving home and getting everything prepped for potential buyer viewings, or it could just be time for a renovation project. Regardless of the reason, it is not always easiest to spot where to begin. Homes always get filled up with unnecessary clutter, it is unavoidable. We have put together this guide to suggest the simplest ways of decluttering your home. 

Small Steps at a Time

Some people understandably struggle with tasks like these. If you fall into that category, it is worth taking things slowly. Breaking tasks down into smaller targets and creating a list of goals is a top tip for getting organised. Try to do it room by room to see results more quickly and, therefore, feel more motivated. Start with the busiest rooms in the house that see the most traffic. For the majority, this is the living space or kitchen, or even the hallway. Dedicate as little as ten minutes to a chosen area to get things started. 

Find Your Method

Find a suitable system that works for you, for example, having three sorting zones:

  • One for things to keep and organise
  • One for things to throw away 
  • One for things to donate 

This is a simple way to keep things on track and get the items to the right place.  

Hire a Skip

Decluttering can produce a ton of rubbish which can be hard to dispose of. That is where a skip hire service comes in. The Skip Supply Network can help you find a reputable local skip hire company that offers fair prices and strong customer support services. Their partners offer skip hire across the country with skips ranging from four to sixteen yards.

Explore Storage Solutions

Homes often look and feel jumbled owing to a lack of storage within the rooms. Drawers, shelves, and dressers are all suitable storage options that can fit into any space, but there are also products like wicker baskets, under-bed boxes, crates, and similar that can fit under furniture and up high on shelving units. Adding storage makes a room look neat, organised, and looked after, and they can be a valuable decorative component as well. 

Clothing Clear Outs

Donations to charity stores are always appreciated so why not incorporate that into your clear out. Clothing is one of the least sorted items in households because it is one of the biggest, most time-consuming tasks. People are always reluctant to get rid of old clothes, so it is also mentally challenging. That being said, having a clothing clear-out is a direct route to removing unnecessary items instantly – so it is worth trying out. 


Decluttering improves mental health and wellbeing and makes the home feel more habitable. Whatever the motivation behind a clear-out, it is an activity that is always worth doing. Try to break things down as small as possible and be as ruthless as required to get the task done. 


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