Why We Love Cycling (And You Should, Too!

Recently I have been taking far more time for myself, especially when it comes to looking after my health. I don’t have a gym membership; I prefer considering other ways of exercising that give you a bit more variety. Getting out of the house, seeing some sights and getting some fresh air away from it all. Jon and I have recently been taking out the bikes on the weekend and here are our reasons why we love cycling (and you should, too!)


Cycling has many benefits for the environment as well as for ourselves. Leaving the car at home now and then helps our planet, and can also save you a little money.



Cycling is an excellent way to burn plenty of calories. A fantastic form of both cardio or aerobic exercise just by a quick cycle to the shops. You’ll burn even more if bike on some adventure trails. Cycling also has less impact on your joints than running.


Anyone can do it. Young or old cycling can be the hobby for you. It was my early escape, cycling around the local area with my friends. The best thing with bikes is that you can cycle at your own pace and enjoy your time. It doesn’t matter who you are, just pick up your bike and get pedaling. This really is the perfect activity for the whole family, so why not plan a group family day out?



You can set various goals with cycling such as speed, difficulty or fitness. Mountain bikes are ideal for keen cyclists who are working toward a specific goal. Hitting targets and seeing your fitness levels improve are great motivation.


Cycling comes with adventure, breathtaking views and exploration. Biking lets you access areas that cars just cannot reach. It also allows you to take your time and appreciate some of your beautiful surroundings. You can cover a much further distance than you ever could walking so you will see far more, but you have the advantage that you won’t scare off the wildlife, as you would in a car.



If you want to join in, then the cycling community brings plenty of cycling events and fundraisers. You could have the chance to ride your bike and benefit a deserving cause. There are always so many that you can take part in.



Cycling can be a solitary activity or a great sport with others, which ever you want! Cycling can be a way to make friends with there being a lot of mutual support and general friendliness among the cycling community.


Combining all of these great reasons why we love cycling (and you should, too!), it shows how much fun you can have. Get in shape while saving the environment and having an adventure. Enjoy the freedom, sights and sounds. Get on your bike, love the outdoors and enjoy this tough but satisfying hobby!

Love cycling? Tell us why!



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  1. Pili G
    2017/09/08 / 17:28

    I love cycling. It is such a nice way of transportation and exercise, wish my town was cycling friendly. It would be amazing to drive my bike everywhere and its amazing for the environment.
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