Why your home needs innovation


There is no need to be bored with the current look of your living space. You will be surprised at how quickly you can mix up an area to make it look completely different. Through careful accessorization and a few carefully selected new pieces of furniture you can certainly refresh its appearance. It isn’t a difficult task, just get creative! Here are some helpful tips that can help renew your room.

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Something as simple as changing your pieces of furniture position can help to increase your enjoyment from your space. Keep an objective eye when doing this, always prioritising function. Before beginning make sure to consider what additions you might need to make. Would a smaller or multifunctional piece of furniture make your space flow better? Take time to research convertible furniture, especially sofas that can be converted into beds for when guests may stay over. Innovation living sofa beds are chic and stylish, perfect space saving furniture that looks fabulous.

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Choosing a neutral pallet gives you the much-needed inexpensive facelift. Getting minimal with your interior colour choices lets you be far more creative with your artwork and furniture choices. Use these accents to create an interior that you desire. For artwork, I would highly recommend Greater Skies. For my anniversary I received one of their prints, showing the starts over Leeds on our wedding date. The design is so beautiful and the print such high quality! I love this gorgeous piece and enjoy the personal element. Wouldnt it make a lovely wedding present or Christmas gift for newlyweds?

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If your space is looking tired or drab then maybe it is time for a good old fashioned spring clean/deep clean. Follow Mrs Hinch for a little inspiration. Maintenance is essential for enhancing the aesthetics of your living space. Keeping your room clean and clear from clutter can reignite your love for the decor.

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For me, there is nothing worse for removing that feeling of sophistication than a luxury space with a sizeable black television front and centre. TV’s can completely take over a room if you let them. Minimise the effect by having a gallery wall around it, shutting it in a cupboard, investing in a tv disguising mirror frame or, like myself, opt for a projector to declutter the space.

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