Wish list Neon vs. Pastel SS14

Neon vs Pastel Wish list

Wish list Neon vs. Pastel SS14

Shocking neon sports luxe and pretty pastel candy candy colours are some of the big trends of SS14. I love both although sway towards pastels as they can be a bit easier to coordinate. I am in love with the Jessica Simpson Ditsy Print Neon Hem Dress that combines my love of monochrome, floral print, dip dye clothing and neon! Neon is great for adding a splash of colour to a boring outfit or helping to stand out from the crowd on a night out. Be daring and team up with the spring beauty look using Illamasqua Lipstick Liable & Nail Varnish Gamma Duo for orange red lips and tips!

Neon Wish list


Christopher Kane – Crepe biker jacket

Chelsea Slingbacks

Jessica Simpson Ditsy Print Neon Hem Dress

Rebecca Minkoff – Neon Hudson Moto Mini

Illamasqua ASOS Exclusive Lipstick Liable & Nail Varnish Gamma Duo

Estée Lauder Pure Color Stay-On Shadow Paint

Models Own Hedkandi Nail Polish Beach Party

Bobbi Brown Lip Gloss – Neon Pink

Revlon Nail Art (Neon) Ultra Violet 170

Pastels can be a far safer way to go and offer a softer, girly and feminine look. As much as I like my pastel t0nes I usually only wear one pastel piece in an outfit, it can look a little twee if done over the top! Pastel polishes are very easy to get hold of this spring and are an easy way to bring candy colours to your wardrobe! I love the River Island Pink Geometric Print Tote Bag, it gives a funkier edge to the usual pastel pieces.

Pastel Wish list


Coral Patent Pointed Court Shoes

Mint Green Patent Pointed Open Side Pumps

Organza Insert Midi Skirt

River Island Pink Geometric Print Tote Bag

River Island Yellow Geometric Rib Jumper

Givenchy Beauty

Dolls House Ciate

Topshop Easter Print Nail Wraps

Topshop Pastel Green Big Bow Barrette 

New Look Light Blue Open Front Longline Blazer

Are you team Neon or Pastel?


  1. DeAsia Nichelle
    2014/03/23 / 19:29

    I prefer pastels for fashion cause its super pretty and girly plus really easy to style while still looking simple, elegant, and that you put effort in your appearance but not too much. But I do like neon on the nails for a little pop of color!

  2. Caitlin Ramsay
    2014/03/23 / 19:32

    I like the idea of a statement piece that is neon, but never go for it – pastel is so much safer. Love the Organza Insert Midi Skirt!

    Caitlin | Thistle & Tea

  3. 2014/03/23 / 19:00

    I do prefer the pastels in general but that neon pink biker jacket is beautiful.

  4. Barbarka
    2014/03/23 / 19:05

    I prefer pastel colors.

  5. 2014/03/23 / 19:29

    Team pastel definitely, I want to go shopping now!

  6. crochetronix
    2014/03/23 / 19:32

    pastel for sure, but the neon hem dress is super cool….:)

  7. Ellie Ricketts
    2014/03/23 / 19:45

    Hey! I’ve nominated you for a Liebster Award… Check out my latest post for all the details! youbelonginvintage.com X

  8. 2014/03/23 / 20:56

    I saw a really pretty soft pink jacket at Zara, I want it so bad! So yeah pastel all the way for me

  9. 2014/03/23 / 21:07

    As much as i love neon it’s to strong for me so I stick to pastels.


  10. Pili G
    2014/03/23 / 21:07

    I love pastel things lately!! so I’m going for pastel! nice post!

  11. Kitsch And Fro
    2014/03/23 / 22:08

    Ohh great post. I’m in the process of working out how to best clash my neon’s and pastels together. Girlie and dayglow I love it :)


  12. Jess
    2014/03/23 / 22:40

    That pastel bag is fantastic! Though, to copy everyone else, I think I’m on both teams too!

  13. 2014/03/23 / 22:46

    So torn between these two trends…I personally love using a neon accessory as a statement piece, but pastel is so chic as well!

    xx Alyson
    Beauty Vanity

  14. Mel
    2014/03/23 / 22:58

    I prefer neon over pastel as I find pastel to be a little too girly and far too obvious for Spring for my liking. I am a little bit wary around neon though as I don’t want to end up looking like a really bad 80s raver wannabe.


  15. Katrina Crouch
    2014/03/23 / 23:53

    I’m a pastel girl! My coloring just doesn’t like the neon very much

  16. 2014/03/24 / 00:10

    I can’t handle how much I love that Jessica Simpson dress! I’m usually more of a pastel girl, but lately I’ve just been loving neons.


  17. Cachoo Joo
    2014/03/24 / 04:22

    Definitely like both neons and pastels! When I was younger, I liked neons a lot more, but as I’ve gotten older, I like the subtlety pastels have to them – I think maybe I’d say pastels for Spring and neons for summer if I had to pick ;) BOTH though are so pretty & I’d pretty much wear them both year round haha!


  18. 2014/03/24 / 05:12

    Hi Mary, thanks so much for following my blog! I’ve always been a pastel girl but lately I’ve been pushing myself to incorporate neons, they’re so much more fun! Have a good one.

  19. 2014/03/24 / 09:04

    Both great looks. I love the Jessica Simpson dress

  20. John Hartil
    2014/03/24 / 09:46

    Both sets look great but I tend towards the pastel!

  21. Abigail Mason
    2014/03/24 / 10:19

    PASTEL! I’m not brave enough to wear neon haha


  22. Geukje
    2014/03/24 / 10:52

    I LOVE the Jessica Simpson dress! It’s so beautiful!!

  23. Kelly H
    2014/03/24 / 11:49

    <3 the pastel look it's so pretty and retro :)

  24. 2014/03/24 / 18:07

    Hmm I would have said neon but actually I like the pastel collection more – I am dying for the Ciate Dolls House set but am on a nail polish buying ban right now, boooo!


  25. Stephanie @ Miss Mélange
    2014/03/24 / 18:11

    Loving the pastel shoes in patent leather… makes them brighter and more fun without going all the way to neon. Not that neon is bad, I’m actually kind of an addict… :)


  26. Anna
    2014/03/25 / 13:26

    Definitely more a pastel girl, though I like a shocking pink now and again

  27. Samelia miller
    2014/03/25 / 19:55

    Lovely blog post!!

  28. Eva-Maria Merk
    2014/04/05 / 12:59

    Team Pastel. Tbh I never liked neon colours. I once had a slouchy top in bright neon pink and I never wore it. Well, once. But.. I just didn’t seem to like it but bought it in order to have at least one neon piece..

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