Zipper Face Halloween Makeup Skull Tutorial

I love making an effort with my face paint and costume at Halloween and was so excited when Poundworld got in touch with me to create a Halloween look for them using only makeup found in Poundworld. As soon as I spotted their zipper makeup set, I knew I wanted to create a Zipper Face Halloween Makeup Skull Tutorial.

Here is my Zipper Face Halloween Makeup Skull Tutorial with Poundworld video, please give the video a like if you enjoyed it and subscribe if you haven’t already.

As the video shows the makeup sets that I picked up for the Zipper Face Halloween Makeup Skull Tutorial with Poundworld were the creepy zipper makeup kit, the ghoulish makeup set and the six pack of blood capsules.

The makeup sets while cheap did work well and got the job done. My usual face paints cost around £3 per colour so to spend £3 in total is fantastic if you are on a budget or wanting to create a cheaper look.

If you do get the creepy zipper set as I mentioned in the video the spirit gum and spirit gum remover are both labelled as spirit gum. This was a little frustrating, but you cannot complain when the set was only £1!

I found the Poundworld face paints to be on the whole very good and easy to work with. They did have a lot of pigment and went on smoothly although they are a little soft so you have to be careful that the face paint pencils don’t melt in your hands as you work with them.

I really hope that you like the look that I created. If you have a go at creating this design please send me the photos as I would love to see the outcome!



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