New Beginnings: Decorating Your First Home on a Budget

Moving into the first home of your very own is an exciting time in any young adult’s life. You might be eighteen, bright eyed and bushy tailed ready to start your new adventure. You might be twenty one, fresh out of university and looking for somewhere to rent. You could be much older where you’ve lived at home to save for a deposit so you can buy instead of rent. Either way, when it finally is time for you to step out on your own and live independently it’s a massive deal. When it comes to decorating your first home, chances are you’ll be on a budget so you’ll need to shop smart and do things a little frugally. Here are some ideas.

Collect Items Before You Move

If you know you’re going to be moving soon, it makes sense to start buying items ahead of time so you’re able to spread the cost. If you buy a couple of items every week for a few months, by the time you come to move you will already have lots of the essentials which can make everything much easier. Think things like a kettle and toaster, bath towels, cutlery, plates, a vacuum cleaner, even things like toiletries and cleaning products. Write a list of everything you need, and then tick things off as you go. Box everything up and you’re well on your way by the time moving day rolls around.

Check Out Discount Stores

Some of the most expensive things you will need to buy for your home are things like furniture and appliances. Some opt for to get a loan with no guarantor. If this is going to be your permanent home, you won’t want to go too cheap as these are things you’ll want to last. One option would be to search discount or end of line clearance stores- that way you get good quality furniture at low prices. You could check out a wholesale furniture trader online or visit your nearest ex-catalogue shop. This allows you to save an enormous amount on the RRP.

Go Second Hand

Another way you can get some fantastic items at low prices is by going second hand. You could look on Craigslist, Facebook groups and charity shops for people giving away or selling cheaply items they no longer need. You probably won’t be able to furnish your entire house this way, but even nabbing one or two fantastic bargains can save you a lot of money. Ask family and friends too, if they’re getting rid of something you could make use of it rather than it being thrown away.

Raid Bargain Stores

Accessorising your property is how you make it look homely and bring in your personality, but doing so doesn’t need to be expensive. You can get decorative items from places like Ikea, supermarkets, even pound shops. Things like frames, candles, cushions and decorative ornaments will all bring the space to life without you needing to spend much. eBay has tonnes of inexpensive homewares too, so be sure to shop around.