Ten reasons to convert your cellar

House prices are always increasing, so it is becoming far more common to expand your current living space. Attic conversions, extensions and orangeries are all growing in popularity and all of them can have an equally transformative effect on your home. The basement is an easy to renovate space that instantly spruces up the house. Here are ten reasons you should convert your cellar.

More Space

This is the main reason for converting your basement into a usable space. Almost every home can profit from an extra room. For now, it is merely untapped space that you have been standing on all this time! The design possibilities for the basement are endless. The cellar can work as a kitchen, bathroom, lounge or bedroom to make extra beneficial space.


Remodeling a basement can cost significantly less than loft conversions or a home extension whilst adding the same square footage. These house improvements will benefit your investment and add profit if you sell it someday.

Layout control

You have complete control when it comes to choosing the layout. Create a space that reflects your vision, personality and needs.

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A Healthier Environment

When planning a cellar conversion, there are many things to consider other than your use of the new space. Planning permission cost and how will you keep the area dry. Neglected basements usually accumulate damp and mould. Waterproofing your basement is essential for stopping damp in the space. Seek professional advice for masonry dry rot treatment to find an adequate waterproofing solution. Sort the damp in this spare room to create a healthier living environment throughout the home.

Home Office

Working from home can often be a lot more cost-effective than renting an office space. Converting the cellar can create a range of options for a home office.


Converting your cellar could potentially create a rentable space. Earn some extra income through Airbnb or some lovely tenants. A great way to recover your costs.


A finished basement will help to make your home more desirable and help when selling. With an open layout or a useful additional room, potential buyers will be swayed on the house with a finished basement versus a similar home without one.

Low Cost

It does not require a lot of time and money, which is often what puts people off from committing to renovating. When modernising the basement, it does not affect the day to day activities as it is separate from the rest of the house.


Your lack of space may have been holding you back from pursuing a hobby. Rediscover your passion in your new cellar, whether it’s music, dressmaking, model-building or an artistic outlet.


Basements are both easy to heat in winter and keep cool in summer. This will help when it comes to saving on your energy costs.  When planning a conversion, you can choose the right materials to help dampen sounds. These out of the way rooms can create fantastically quiet game rooms or home theatres.

What is your converted cellar space used for?

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