Newspaper print nail art tutorial

Newspaper print nail art tutorial

For my graduation I really wanted to do some newspaper print nail art. I read everywhere that you need rubbing alcohol to do this effect, not having any I decided to try something else. So heres my how to do newspaper print nail art tutorial without rubbing alcohol! My tip – listerine. I did these nails on fake nails first and stuck them on after decorating although they can be done straight onto a natural nail.

You will need –

  • newspaper
  • cotton buds
  • listerine
  • hairspray
  • nail polish colour
  • top coat polish

First off I painted my nails with Models Own Nail Polish Gold Rush and left it for ages to make sure that it was really dry. I cut out pieces of newspaper squares, making sure that it was print on both sides, rather than adverts or pictures. I applied listerine with a cotton bud then applied the newspaper piece. Press it down firmly and carefully peel back. Repeat this on the 10 nails and leave them to thoroughly dry. I struggled with the letters smudging  when applying the topcoat so I thought about hairspray to fix the print.  I sprayed hairspray all over the nails and again left them to dry. Once really dry I added a top coat to finish.

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