Tanya Burr Makeup – Midnight Sparkles polish

Tanya Burr MakeupIt is amazing too see how far bloggers can go now and see how much they can achieve with the new Tanya Burr makeup launch. I have been really excited about trying some of the Tanya Burr makeup collection and have seen glowing reviews of her lip glosses but for me I wanted to try out her nail polishes. I love nail polishes and often reviews or do nail art tutorials, you can find some of my previous posts here. The Tanya Burr nail polish collection has 10 shades in total to choose from and I went for Midnight Sparkles, a dark, deep slightly shimmery purple/black. She’s given her range some lovely names and I am keen to add to my collection her polishes in shades – little duck, mini marshmallows, mischief managed and penguin chic.

Tanya Burr Makeup

When I first looked at the bottle I wasn’t keen on the shade, in the bottle it looks quite a bright purple with glitter, nothing like the swatches I had seen online but slightly garish. This isn’t the look or effect the polish gives when applied, instead the polish is a lovely deep and dark shade with tiny glitter and shimmer pieces which give a depth to the nail polish tone but aren’t immediately obvious. Midnight sparkles is such a dark purple is could be mistaken for black unless looking upclose. The polish is quite a thick consistency but dries fairly fast. I did find it to be a little gloopy but it does give very even results and means that one layer of polish gives a good solid colour. The polishes are heavily pigmented although for a strong colour I applied two layers.

What are your favourite products from the Tanya Burr Makeup range and which would you recommend for me to try out next?

Tanya Burr Nail Polish – Midnight Sparkles (12ml)*

Tanya Burr Makeup

Tanya Burr, Midnight Sparkles

Tanya Burr, Midnight Sparkles



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  • Chip Resistant
  • Lovely colour
  • Beauty Bloggers Brand
  • Even finish


  • Very thick consistancy
  • Currently only 10 shades to choose from
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  • Becky Higgins

    That is a gorgeous shade hun x


  • Lou’s Corner

    It is gorgeous! I love it!

    I always use the “Little Duck” and I’m really in love in it. It is such a good quality, and so wonderful ! I really wanted to go back to England just so I can buy a second one of here collection! :)

  • I think it’s a beautiful shade! I’m so impressed with Tanya, she’s so lovely and I’m so happy for her. It’s so cool that girls like Tanya and Zoe get opportunities like this! I wish I lived in the UK so I could pick up some of their products.

  • Chelsea Docherty

    Such a nice Autumn colour! love the finish!


  • Chantal

    That looks like a fabulous colour! x


  • I definitely see what you mean about it looking much nicer on the nails than in the bottle. It’s not a colour I would pick up just looking at it in store, but this swatch does it so much justice.


  • Chelsea

    I didn’t even know she made nail polish. I can’t wait to try it out! I love this color, perfect for the fall :)


  • amanda beautie

    I am in love with this shade! It’s so stunning! I have one of her lip glosses and I think it is quite nice! Xx

    Beauty Girl

  • I haven’t tried the polishes! This colour is gorgeous!

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  • Amber Rhodes
  • Mel Zia

    love the colour! very drastic ! looks like the starry night so it is named perfectly love it.
    Hope they is more shades soon!

    Vintage Melissa

  • Nat

    This is such a stunning shade, perfect for winter. ^_^


  • Olivia Roach

    Yay! I love the Tanya Burr nail polish I own which I won in a giveaway. In fact, I am wearing it now! Mine is called penguin something or the other. This shade is also very bold and sharp, I might try it as my second bottle from this brand!