12 Flowers, 12 Love Ideas: How to Choose a Spectacular Bouquet

Expressing affection isn’t always easy — the more you think about it, the more complicated it becomes. While you might wish to present the ultimate gift of love, your partner may misinterpret its meaning. Be it Valentine’s Day or a birthday celebration, a flower language is always a poetically beautiful way of eliminating miscommunication and setting your mind on an appropriate surprise. There is no need to learn all the different connotations by heart – simply visit our website to find a suitable bouquet for your romantic partner: flowwow.com/en-en/london/. In this article, let’s explore the incredible world of flower symbolism together.

12 Flowers, 12 Love Ideas: How to Choose a Spectacular Bouquet 1

Flowers That Symbolise Sincere Love & Affection 

In the flower language, a particular kind usually bears more than a single meaning: our first step is to define flowers which imply love, affection, and passion — ideal gifts for a long-term partner. 

Red Roses

An iconic epitome of all things romantic, roses were bound to take first place. Throughout the ages, no other flower has been so consistently associated with love as them: from the Ancient Greeks to 18th-century poets to modern dreamers. This tradition holds to this day — so if you’re thinking of a romantic gesture, red roses are the number one choice.

Pink Peonies

Peonies are a rightful runner-up in this competition: their blushing pinks and chiffon-like texture are impossible to resist. Given these flowers’ gentle, admirable looks, their meanings don’t stray far from the concepts of ‘love at first sight,’ ‘pure love,’ and ‘prosperous marriage.’ That’s why pink (and sometimes red) peonies are a common find in many wedding bouquets and anniversary arrangements.


Being apart from a loved one can be a heartbreaking experience; finding the right flower to express an intricate range of feelings caused by the distance is a good step towards sharing your emotions. Various shades of camellias is everything you need to tell about your unwavering desire to be together as one. Choose red hues for all-absorbing passion, pink for inconsolable yearning, and white for sincere adoration.

Flowers to Describe Devotion & Intimacy 


You might have expected lavender to be the last flower to make it into this list, but the flower language is crystal clear: lavender represents the spirit of love, devotion, and peace. It tells the story of affection and loyalty as well as of a calm and blissful feeling of being united with a loved one. Don’t hesitate to include this beautiful wonder in a romantic bouquet – it is surely worth it.


First date, first wedding night, first anniversary, and everything else novel for romantic partners fall into the domain of the delicate primrose. Coming from the Latin ‘primus,’ or ‘first,’ its name signifies youthful passion, first love, and the tender intimacy you experience when spending time together, for the first time and forever.


During springtime, most of us are immersed in the concept of renewal. To bring a rejuvenating boost of fresh energy to any relationship, think of tulips as they represent the joy of life and unconditional love. Whenever you feel the need to remind your loved one of just how much you value their presence in your life, tulips are your go-to choice.

Flowers That Represent Love & Friendship

Contrary to Victorian flower language enthusiasts, we are aware that affection isn’t entirely bound to romance. Expressing love for your closest friends is a popular practice in the modern age, so don’t think twice about giving them a stunning arrangement.

Yellow Roses

Yet again, we need to open the section with a rose variety. These flowers in any yellow shade are synonyms of devoted friendship, joy, and long-lasting adoration – making them an unrivalled choice as a gift for your BFFs.


It’s not a coincidence that another yellow flower has found a spot in the list, as this shade corresponds with the notion of the friendship bond. Sunflowers are strongly associated with loyalty, devotion, and adoration; that’s why it’s a brilliant choice for a bouquet to a faithful friend.


A flower arrangement with this exotic bundle is guaranteed to captivate the heart and mind of your favourite person. Vibrant and, with that, elegant alstroemerias signify prosperous friendship and appreciation of one’s companionship during difficult times.


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