What You Need to Prepare for a Long Hospital Stay


If you know that you are going to be admitted to the hospital, whether you’re having surgery or need to stay due to an illness or injury, then it’s worth taking the time to get prepared, in order to make sure that your stay is more comfortable than stressful. Planning beforehand will help you make sure that you don’t forget to bring anything along with you and that you are fully prepared for every possible outcome of your stay.What You Need to Prepare for a Long Hospital Stay 3

#1. Documents and Paperwork:

It’s a good idea to go through any documents and paperwork that you’ll need to take along with you, and bring it all together in one folder, preferably one that you can secure shut to give you peace of mind that your important documents will be kept safe. You will need to include the details of any medical insurance that you have, a list of medications that you are currently taking, and contact details for your family and friends. If you have a written power of attorney or a will, it’s a good idea to bring these along with any other relevant legal documents along too.

What You Need to Prepare for a Long Hospital Stay 4
What You Need to Prepare for a Long Hospital Stay 5

#2. Money:
You’ll need a small amount of money during your stay in the hospital to pay for items such as newspapers, vending machines, snacks, and other small items that you may be able to purchase. It’s not recommended that you bring credit cards or large amounts of cash to the hospital to avoid theft. It’s also a good idea to leave expensive items such as jewellery at home for the same reasons.

#3. Clothing:

You will be provided with a hospital gown, but you’ll certainly be more comfortable during your stay if you have some of your own clothing with you. Depending on the length of your stay, pack a few pairs of comfortable pyjamas or loungewear, plus loose-fitting underwear and comfortable socks. Short-sleeved shirts are a better option if you are going to require any intravenous (IV) lines, and you might find that a nightdress, or very loose pyjamas are easier to get on and off if you are undergoing surgery.

What You Need to Prepare for a Long Hospital Stay 6
What You Need to Prepare for a Long Hospital Stay 7

#4. Information to Give Your Family:

Along with preparing yourself for your stay, it’s worth making sure that your family are not only ready for what to expect, but also what to do in the event of anything going wrong. It’s worth providing them with the contact details for your solicitor and appointing a family member to be in charge of safekeeping any important legal documents that you are planning on taking into hospital with you. Give your relatives information on what you would like them to do in the event of anything going wrong, such as contacting medical negligence solicitors at www.the-medical-negligence-experts.co.uk.

Going into hospital for a long stay is never a pleasant experience, so take the time before you’re due to go in to get everything together that you need, and prepare yourself and your family for every possibility.
Have you found anything that helps a long stay in hospital be more comfortable? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.


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