Must-Have Features OF Professional Hair Clippers

Must-Have Features OF Professional Hair Clippers 

Must-Have Features OF Professional Hair Clippers 9

A good hair clipper is an excellent addition to your maintenance routine. It’s even more important if you’re cutting other people’s hair. That means you not only need a hair clipper that will provide you with impressive results, but also one that will provide your clients with a good experience.

When looking for great professional hair clippers, there are quite a few things you should focus on. Each of these features is crucial in providing you with quality results and fine cuts. Don’t forget, when investing in quality clippers, you also need other quality accessories like hairdressing scissors. Together, these accessories form a fine team able to cater to all hair grooming needs. 


The motor is the heart behind your new set of clippers. It does the heavy lifting and keeps the blades moving. Considering its workload, it’s easy for the motor to wear or burn out if you don’t focus on getting a hair clipper with a high-quality one.

There are three different types of internal motors for hair clippers each with unique benefits and downsides, even though they serve the same purpose.

Pivot motor 

This range of motors are not fast, but they are strong and turn with force. Pivot motors are best for thick hair. They also prevent overheating since they are slower and produce less friction when in action.

They tend to be quite popular because they provide a balance of power, speed and cost. However, they are more expensive than Magnetic options.

Magnetic Motor 

Magnetic motors are more affordable, but in most cases, they favour speed and cost at the expense of power. This type of motor is not ideal for professional use but can work well in a home setting where it’s not used aggressively. 

Magnetic motors turn faster than others but, with less force. Because of the speed of the motor, the clippers also vibrate erratically and have a louder operating tone compare to other machines. 

All these factors don’t sound very attractive for professional barbers looking to get fine cuts and provide their customers with an excellent experience. 

Rotary motor

This is the best motor for professional applications. It might cost you more compared to the other alternatives but, it guarantees smooth and swift operation. The motor is the slowest of the three but moves with great force. It glides over all types of hair including thick and wet hair and can be used aggressively without issues. 

For professional clippers, the rotary motor is highly recommended. It will give you value for money because of its longevity as well as great service.


Must-Have Features OF Professional Hair Clippers 10

Once you have the motor sorted out, shift your focus to the blades. Good quality blades will make easy work of any type of hair and will not tag at the hair which can be a painful experience for your customers. 

Go for carbon steel blades which are not only strong but stay sharper for longer. Most professional clipper brands will have the blades precision ground for the best cutting performance. 

Adjustable Taper Lever 

Each client that walks into your barbershop is looking for a different cut. An adjustable taper lever gives you more flexibility and control to achieve the desired results. The lever changes the closeness of your cut between the guide comb lengths. 

The adjustable taper lever is useful for fading and blending cuts because it gives a more precise touch with the cutting lengths. 

Cord length 

With professional clippers, going cordless is not an option. You might not have enough time between haircuts to charge the clippers adequately not to mention that cordless options often mean losing some much-needed motor power.

Because of this, you have no option but to go for hair clippers that come with a cord. To keep yourself mobile go for clippers with a long cord. It might be slightly harder to manage, but when cutting hair, it will allow you to go around without any limitations. 


Must-Have Features OF Professional Hair Clippers 11

Keeping hair clippers in tip-top conditions is a handy task in itself. To save yourself the trouble, you can go for maintenance-free options.

Start by going for self-sharpening blades that ensure a fresh cut each time you power on the clippers.  You can save yourself the cost of sharpening the blades by going for self-sharpening options.  

Quality blades will not dull or rust over the years, which will not only affect the performance of the clippers but are sore to the eye. However, to ensure longevity, you need to oil the blades before the first use and brush off excess hairs and oil again after every use. 

By keeping the blades lubricated, you can prevent rust from creeping in and extend the life of the clipper.

Safety features 

Even the best barbers in the market often slip and nip you in the head. Even though human is to error, technology has done a decent amount to prevent such costly mishaps from happening. 

One of the things to consider when looking for professional hair clippers is rounded blades. These blades are sharp but only designed to cut hair and not the skin. 

Nose and ear clippers also have safety cones added that keep the blades away from the membrane. These features can help clients rest easier as you work on their hair. 

Storage system 

You have spent a good amount of time and some decent budget to get the best professional hair clippers in the market. The last thing you want is to jeopardise all that by not properly storing your new set when it’s not in use. 

A good storage case or bag will also make it easier for you to keep track of all the accessory pieces without any problems. 


Must-Have Features OF Professional Hair Clippers 12

Most clippers come with a few additions to sweeten the deal. The range of accessories includes guards and guiding combs among others. What you get with your clippers depends on the brand and your budget. 


Always go for a set that has a warranty. It will let you sleep better at night knowing that if worse comes to worst, your money is not lost. You can just take the clippers back and have them replaced. A warranty is also reflects on the quality of the clippers you’re getting. 

With these few tips, you now have everything you need to get the best professional hair clippers the market has to offer. Don’t forget, if you’re looking for the best, don’t skimp on the budget. 


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