2 Crucial Things No One Tells You About Moving Home

2 Crucial Things No One Tells You About Moving Home


Moving home can be stressful and confusing – especially when it’s your first time. For most people, their first real experience of moving home is when they leave the nest. Sure, you might move family homes as a child, but you’re barely involved in that move. When you move for the first time as an adult, it can shock you how tough the whole process is. This is made harder by the fact that hardly anyone explains the nuances of moving home until you’re either midway through the move or have already gone through it!

So, to help any movers deal with the stress, here are a couple of common problems that hardly anyone will tell you about:

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2 Crucial Things No One Tells You About Moving Home 2

You will almost certainly have too many things
It’s unreal how many people pack up their possessions and move into a new home, only to realise they have far too many things. Living in your family home is great as you could have loads of storage all over the house. Then, you might move into a small apartment or house, and your storage is cut in half. Now, you have loads of excess boxes and belongings to deal with.

As such, it makes sense to go through everything while you’re packing and decide if you really need everything. For things you can live without, donate them to charity or get rid of them. Then, if you still have too much stuff, you might need to put it in storage. As you can see on https://www.henfieldstorage.co.uk/, storage lockers come in all shapes and sizes and can be affordable nowadays. This might not be a permanent solution, but it helps de-clutter your new home while you get settled and figure out what to do with all your extra stuff. At the very least, it stops you from living in a house full of boxes!

It will take much longer than you think
Secondly, no one ever tells you how long a move will take. So, you’re kind of left guessing how long it takes based on your own work rate and organisational skills. But, I can say with confidence that your estimation will be way off. Moving home takes far longer than you think, even if you start getting everything ready weeks in advance. I’m talking about just packing everything up, cleaning your home, and moving your belongings to your new abode. This doesn’t even take into account selling your home as well!

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As a general rule, it’s never too early to start packing up and preparing your move. I saw a piece on https://www.thespruce.com that gives a few tips on how to pack and sort things quickly. This can be helpful if you want to speed up the process, or if you’ve decided to move last minute. All I can say is this; be prepared for a week or more of constant sorting, packing, cleaning, and double checking!

I think these two things are somewhat important when you’re moving home. No one ever tells you about them, so it helps when you’re prepared for what lies ahead. Hopefully, this lets you plan your move with more precision, so it’s slightly less stressful.


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