Little Tips And Tricks For Selling Your Home


There are lots of things you can do to increase your chances of selling your property. In this guide, you will find a number of tips and snippets of information to help you. So, let’s dive right in…

Do you have to hire an estate agent to market your property?
Of course, you can handle the sale of your property yourself. There are plenty of resources on the internet and beyond that can help advise you if you have never done it before. DIY house marketing can potentially save a great deal of money – you will save on agents’ fees, for one. But consider whether you have the time and energy to devote to what could end up being a lengthy and tiring process.

A few benefits of using an estate agent include:

• Being able to take advantage of their expertise in setting a competitive selling price: a good estate agent will know the local market and also increase your chances of a quick sale.

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• Taking the emotion out of the process: you have a lot invested in your home, emotionally, especially if you have lived there a while and gone through major life changes in that time. An agent will usually deal with potential buyers so you don’t have to. They’ll know how to weed out time-wasters and filter out unconstructive criticism about your property.

• Experience in fetching the full asking price: they’ve done it before, obviously. They may well be able to achieve a better deal for you than you would on your own. They’ll also be far more familiar with the pitfalls when it comes to the paperwork.

When should I market my property to achieve the best results?
There is no single ideal time of year to market a property that will instantly generate more viewings, more offers and a higher purchase price. If you research the subject, you’ll probably find a lot of conflicting advice. However, there are a few factors you should be aware of – times when you may not be attracting the kinds of buyers you need, for example.

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If you are selling a family home, avoid the summer months. Many people will be going away. Children will be off school, and as anyone with children knows, it’s really hard to make life-changing decisions such as buying a new home when the kids are hanging around demanding entertainment. Head to for more information on the best time to sell a family property.

Christmas is also inevitably a slow period in the property market. People are caught up with planning the holidays and shopping, too busy to consider a major upheaval in their lives. If you need to sell around this time, it’s better to wait for January to take advantage of New Year’s resolutions to make important decisions about the year ahead.
Autumn and spring can be the best times to contemplate a sale. With no major holidays and the weather usually more clement, people have more time and inclination to invest in property hunting.

In marketing, emotion is a luxury afforded to the buyer, not the seller!
They say emotion sells property, not hard facts like the price, or bricks and mortar. But when it comes to selling your own home, you have to try and take a step back and avoid becoming emotional.

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There are countless reasons why you may be selling your home. Some of the more unpleasant ones include divorce or an unfortunate change in your financial circumstances. It’s easy to take the criticisms of house hunters to heart as they wander through your home, making tutting noises and trying to drive the price down by focussing on what appear to you to be minor flaws.

You need to distance yourself. View the transaction as much as possible from your perspective as a purely financial one, with you as the hard-nosed businessman looking to get the best deal so you can move on with your life.

At the same time, though, put yourself in the buyer’s shoes. Remember your emotions when you were buying this home, the hopes and dreams you had invested in it. They are looking for the same kind of emotional reaction. Use this to help you to stage your home, to create the response you hope to see in a buyer. And by making such changes, you’ll help yourself by removing some of the emotional investment you have in the property, allowing you to move on too.

Should you consider professional home staging to standout in the market?
You’ve watched all the property programmes, so you feel like you know what you’re doing when it comes to preparing your home for sale. Is it worth the additional expense, at what is already a costly time, to employ a professional home stager to add value to your home?

One time it’s essential to consider it is if you are having problems getting viewers, or converting viewings to offers. It may be that there are a few very simple, inexpensive changes that can be made which will speed that sale along, for example, replacing family photos with ornate frames and stunning artwork. Check out for some inspiration. With a small expenditure on a professional, who has their finger on the pulse of the property market, you could find out in a day where you are going wrong.

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It may be as easy as having one last declutter. You may be advised to remove some personal possessions that, unlikely as it may sound, are putting people off. Your kerb appeal could be, well, lacking in appeal.

No-one wants to throw good money away. However, in reality, an upfront expenditure in the short term can result in a higher selling price and a quicker sale. And that will be a good return on your investment.

Marketing your property at the right price
House prices represent big, big money – more than many of us have ever seen in our lifetimes. When you commission your first lot of valuations from three or more estate agents, it’s all too easy to get over-excited and plunge for the one offering the highest valuation you receive. After all, more money equals a better range of options once the house is sold.

But remember that these suggested prices are largely theoretical. Of course, they may be based on the latest market research, the prices of similar houses sold in the locality and so on. Browse this site for affordable suburbs. But it’s an inexact science and what price you finally achieve is largely influenced by who ultimately is willing to buy it.

Be realistic. Do check national averages, but pay closer attention to your own neighbourhood, where numerous factors may inflate or reduce asking prices. Never drastically undersell your house, of course, but do make sure it is priced competitively alongside others in the area. It’s sometimes even worth undercutting the competition: this can attract more initial interest and result in a bidding war, which could eventually net you more than the original asking price.

Hopefully, you now feel more prepared to sell your home! The only thing left to say is… good luck!

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