4 Ideas For The Perfect Winter Wedding

For many people their wedding day is the most magical day of their lives – it’s something they have dreamt of since they were a child and their happily ever after. After all – no one plans on doing it again. The planning that goes into a wedding has grown ever more expansive over the years with the average wedding day costing tens of thousands. The wedding food usually consists of canapes, the wedding breakfast plus a buffet. And with more and more people opting for something other than a church wedding, the coordination of registrars and venues adds yet another level of management to the big day. Luckily many venues appoint a wedding planner for you, to keep the stress at bay.

Each season adds a new thing to the list – summer means you need to think about the heat, a lighter dress, and maybe a change for the evening. Spring brings hayfever and the occasional downpour, autumn looks beautiful but also brings the mush underfoot and all the rain. And winter can be both the most beautiful and complicated time of year, with the magic of snow and frost, the reds and greens everywhere and the freezing temperatures.

Here are some ideas to make your winter wedding as perfect as possible.

Hearty Food

Where finger food and light meals are perfect for the warmer months, in the winter people crave warm, hearty food. At your wedding breakfast put the emphasis on rich sauces, harvest veggies and hot food. Hog roasts are a great choice, and so are traditional stews and roast dinners.

Creative Photographer

With the colder weather, you have so many opportunities for some amazing photos. But you need a photographer who will take advantage of those moments. Take a look at portfolios from different photographers like Jennifer Smith Photography, to get a good idea of the shots you want, the style they have, and then meet them so that you know they’ll be a good fit.

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With all the Christmas trees and wreaths coming out at this time of year – why not take advantage? Greenery can be used in many different ways on your wedding day. Use evergreen as a table runner, pine cones as place card holders and holly in your centrepieces. Check out these examples on Pinterest for more ideas.


Everyone loves a warm drink at the end of a cold day, so why not give out hot chocolate to your guests at the end of the night, or a hot chocolate and cookie DIY kit? With a spot of something special for the grown-ups. If you’re having an outdoor area, why not have a basket of blankets for people to use, and even take away with them. You can get personalised blankets with you and your partner’s name and the date of your big day, to make it a lasting memento of the best day of your life.

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