The No-Pressure Guide To Preparing A Phenomenal Wedding

Weddings are difficult to plan. They can also be intensely stressful. Thinking if you’ve achieved all of the right responsibilities weeks before you even enjoy the big day is something you’ll likely become intimate with. It can sometimes even take you away from looking forward to your own wedding, and fully absorbing the experience on the day. Of course, planning a wedding takes a lot of time, money and planning, depending on the type of event you’re going for.

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However, does it really need to be this stressful? Are there better ways to plan the whole event? Can you experience a better planning phase? After all, this time should bet the time you feel the most elated, and excited for the life you’re about to build.

We have some tips which argue your wedding needn’t be so stressful. You might agree with them, you might not, but no matter where you fall consider them deeply. What would they look like if you tried them out? If you’re recently engaged, looking for the best advice online for your wedding, we’d like to congratulate you. No matter how your wedding preparations pan out, we’re sure you’re to enjoy a wonderful and memorable day.

Right For You

Many people, as soon as they are engaged, begin thinking about tradition. What church do they want to get married in? How can we find a venue with enough capacity for the whole extended family? What size white dress can I fit in? Who will be best man and the maid of honor? Now, these are fairly uniform considerations that almost everyone must plan for. However, you must also make sure that that the event is being tailored for you and your partner, and not for the perceptions of your extended family.

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This is your day, no one else’s. Yourself and your spouse are the only people you must consider, at least from a decision perspective. Of course, it’s likely you’d hope to invite your family and loved ones to the event. But you must never let them fully author it if you feel uncomfortable with that. If a great wedding to you means getting married on a beach with only your parents and sibling in attendance, that’s completely your prerogative. If you aren’t a fan of wearing dresses, there is no law against you dressing differently.

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You might love and desire all of the traditional implements of a wedding. That is fantastic, and you should be happy doing so. However, if you fancy something alternative, you both agree as a couple, and you are able to fund it, then you might have a better and more relaxed time with this.

Use Reputable Services

You must find reputable services to book your wedding implements. For example, a decorative cake company with a history of great work can be found by viewing the reviews on Google. If you must travel a little further to find one more valued in the community, then it’s always worth it. When you’re sure that the business is competent, you are much less likely to find anything to worry about on the day. Look for businesses with some form of wedding press, as magazines often feature some of the best wedding work. This way, you can see some of the creations preemptively, and know that you are engaging with a valued company.

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Good companies will show you a solid portfolio of their work, as well as testimonials. Research thoroughly before making a decision. A wedding purchase is the one thing you really don’t want to worry about flaking on you.

Hire Professional Photographers

Wedding photographers are the most commonly forgone commission. People the world over believe that amateur photographers are just as good as professional services. They’re not. While approaching the local university photography course with a cheap offering to cover your wedding, you cannot be sure of the results.

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Professional wedding photography is much more than pointing a camera at the guests and taking a picture. Light, angles, mis en scene and general composition can make you look angelic if pulled off well, and ghastly if pulled off badly. You’re absolutely not ghastly, so it’s important to get this right. We’re not suggesting that weddings are all about looks, but you often want to revisit your wedding photo’s with a sense of pride. Great wedding photographers will also care about the edit, and how you deem the final product. We’d recommend though that you let them work and capture their viewpoint of the day. A goofy smile from you or your husband, or getting cake on your lip, or even tripping over are the memories you will laugh about and cherish when you’re older. Over-control will leave you with a false memory of the entire event.

This brings us to our most controversial point:


Weddings are supposed to be a celebration. You aren’t running an event for paying clients. You aren’t putting on a music festival. You are celebrating your communion with your most loved partner in the world. You are getting closer to them both legally, emotionally and intellectually.

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This is your time. You might invite your friend and family to come, and with loving intentions, but overall the day is completely for you. Relax. Don’t worry about looking cool, or impressing people. Don’t care about the nuanced tastes of your parents. Don’t be afraid of accidents, or look silly, or snort while laughing, or about a child having fun. Life is made by these little idiosyncrasies, and they make our personalities interesting.

Of course, the dress, cake, photography and venue are all things you pay for, and you should always expect a certain level of good service and faith on their part. Trust them to do their jobs however. Your wedding is the start of the next chapter of your life. You can’t write the first words of it if you’re obsessing about the perfect way to hold your pen.

With these tips, you’re likely to experience a wonderful wedding, filled with love and laughter. We wish you the best.

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