5 Proven Hacks That Will Make You a Successful Travel Blogger

As a travel blogger, your main aim is to help your audience view the world from your lens. If you can make them feel like they visited a certain destination, you are doing a pretty good job. However, travel blogging is often trivialized, even though it is not as easy as it seems. The profession has also started to become pretty crowded, meaning you have to go the extra mile to gain a foothold in the market. Stick around to learn some helpful hacks to become a successful travel blogger. 

Do the kind of stuff that gets noticed 

Nobody ever became a successful travel blogger by being ordinary. Your audience is more interested in extraordinary things they would probably never get to do when they travel locally. Therefore, writing about your drunken escapades is not as spectacular as it seems. Ensure you write in detail about exciting activities like white water rafting, kayaking, or sailing down deep blue waters. 

Create top-tier content

Your family members and inner circle might be waiting at the edges of their seats to hear where you have been. However, nobody else cares which destination is next on your bucket list. Since being a travel blogger is all about bringing awareness to your brand, it would help to ensure you create content that you know your readers will enjoy. You could use vivid descriptions, high-quality photographs and provide useful tips like food recommendations and price ranges. 

Learn how to be productive

Fancy hotels and flight tickets aside, travel blogging is a pretty taxing job. You might want to enjoy your vacation in peace. However, when you get back home, you have plenty of photos to edit and articles to publish. Therefore, it would be wise to learn hacks that will improve your productivity and help you work faster. For instance, you could learn how to copy and paste on iphone to save time when typing on your phone. These types of tricks will help you get your content out there faster. 

Pitch your story to major media outlets

We wouldn’t advise you to sit and wait for your target audience to notice you. One of the best ways to become a successful travel blogger is to become your own marketing manager. Start by doing ample research on major media outlets that occasionally post travel blogs. Once you narrow down a few outlets, connect with their authors, ask them questions and mention their articles whenever you can. However, we urge you to avoid being pushy or annoying. 

Use social media efficiently

If you intend to make a living off of blogging, staying active on social media is paramount. However, you might be spending too much time on your timeline without getting any work done. We also recommend you research the best times to post on the platform of your choice. For instance, if you prefer to use Instagram, it would be best to post content between 9 pm to 11 pm. 

Final thoughts

Many travel bloggers before you have tested the waters and become gurus in the industry. However, we can’t guarantee a smooth ride. Fortunately, you will have a great shot at success if you remain passionate, and resilient and take note of the hacks discussed above. 


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