5 Things to Look for in Online Slot Reviews

Lots of people make good money by writing reviews on online casinos and games. Other people do it for fun because it’s their hobby. There’s nothing wrong with gambling fans getting paid to review slots and games, but you need to be sure that they know their onions and aren’t just writing any old rubbish for a buck or two. Only committed slot players know what they are talking about and can fairly review a slot game. To help you avoid any confusion, then, we’ve put together a list of five things to look for in online slot games.

Make Sure It’s Explanatory

What you don’t want to do is read a review about slots that merely says there is a free spin bonus, a wild symbol, and a jackpot. This sounds like your reviewer hasn’t done their homework. They have merely written the basics and then waffled on for five hundred words or so, aiming to fill a word count to land a buck or two. Informative reviews will be explanatory. They will not only explain what is in a slot but how each feature works.

Look for In-Depth Details

When it comes to slot reviews, the devil is in the detail, as they say. The more detail there is in an online slot review, the more likely it is to be useful to you. For instance, slot reviews that talk about volatility, variance, RTP rates, house edges, and so on are likely to be thoroughly thought-out pieces by writers who know what they are talking about. If RTP rates are displayed (and they are low), the writer is clearly telling the truth and not waffling.

Written By Players for Players

Look for first-person narration. The best and most honest reviews are those written by gamblers themselves. They do this for a living, but playing games is also their hobby. These reviews are often written in first-person because the writers are talking to you as fellow players and equals. This is a lot simpler to follow than a humdrum list of features addressing you as “players”.

Slot Honesty Is the Best Policy

As for slot reviews, honesty is the best policy, unquestionably. We want to see a review cover the best parts about slots, of course. However, we also want reviewers to be brutally honest when a game is below par. No slot machine is perfect – there will always be something that could be better. The best reviews are those that will say so. This is a good indicator that the writer hasn’t been paid to waffle and dress up a bad game.

Beware Of A+ Reviews

Always beware of super-reviews. If a game is super, brilliant, great, and “the best” you can cock your head to the side. You’re right to be suspicious. Any slot review filled with superlatives will most likely be filled with nonsense and should be avoided.


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