The 6 Rules For Always Looking Your Best

Everybody always wants to look their best, but, of course, this is also easier said than done. While we can always hope for the best, the truth of the matter is that some mornings we wake up looking stunning, and others like something the cat dragged in. But what if we could control how we look a little bit better? Well, we can. Below, we take a look at six rules that’ll ensure every day is a day where you look on point. You can thank us later.

The 6 Rules For Always Looking Your Best 3

Get up and Moving

You can’t expect to be a knockout every day if you’re always spending long hours eating snacks and binge-watching your favourite Netflix shows. To look your best, you need to get up and to move. Of course, this will get you fit and healthy, so you won’t be lugging around any excess weight, but it’ll do more than that: you’ll have a natural, healthy glow, and bags of energy too.

Learn Your Features

We hate to break it to you, but you’re not perfect. However, there are parts of you that probably are pretty close to perfection, so you best make sure these are the features that everyone sees! When you’re dressing yourself, make sure you’re putting on the clothes that accentuate your features. Everyone’s body is different; celebrate yours!

Mix Up Your Makeup Game

You might have a killer makeup routine, but if you’ve kept the same one going for the past few years, then there’s a chance that times have changed and you’ve been left behind. If you’ve been relying on the tried and tested, then there are probably new products out there that might just be perfect for your skin type. Take a look at the makeup styles that catch your eye, and try and incorporate them into your daily routine.

Those Eye-Catching Accessories

Sometimes, there’s only so much that your outfit and makeup can do. If you want to look your best and stand out from the crowd, you’ll need to invest in some quality, one of a kind accessories. Custom made jewellery is a good option because you get to decide exactly the style and colour that would suit your skin tone and the kind of outfits that you like to wear. Whether you wear jewellery every day or just for those special occasions, you’ll be looking your best with jewellery that was designed with you in mind.

Finding Your Style

Fashions change all the time, when was the last time that you updated your look? We’re working on our sense of style, or we’re on autopilot, and we can’t look our best if we’re not thinking about it. Take some time to find your new style and hit the shops. A fresh look never hurt anyone!

Wear It, Own It

Finally, remember you can’t look your best if you’re hiding in the corner! If you’re wearing it, then own it, and strut with confidence. It’s the best way to turn heads for all the right reasons!



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  1. The Sunday Mode
    2017/11/20 / 05:17

    I think being confident is definitely the best tip, I think confidence on other people looks incredible.

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

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