Create a Daahhling Luxury Look for Your Conservatory

A conservatory is a fantastic luxury to have in your home. It gives you an extra space to use which is often the most relaxing room in the house. And, at the very least, when you’re not using it, it can make a good storage space too. The problem with conservatories is that they can often look out of date and tacky. Even if you are getting older, like we all are, it doesn’t mean that your conservatory has to look like your nan’s – or her nan’s. Conservatories can be cool, and certainly don’t have to look like part of a care home. If you want your conservatory to have more of a luxurious look, it’s easy to create.

Make It Year-round Ready

Conservatories are often seen as seasonal spaces, best suited for using in the summer when there’s more sunshine. However, you don’t have to only use it when the weather is warmer. They’re great for use all year, as long as you know how to make them ready for winter. Heating is an absolute must for the colder months, and if you want to add a luxury touch, underfloor heating from somewhere like is best. You may not want carpet in your conservatory, so adding some rugs to your heated floors is best. Make sure you’ve got plenty of comfortable cushions and blankets too, and perhaps set up a little station to make hot drinks. An electric fire could be a great idea too.


Sumptuous Seating

Your luxury conservatory should be comfortable, so you’ll want some soft seating you can really relax into. However, you might want to think about how it’s going to be comfortable all year. If it’s too soft and sumptuous, you could find yourself sinking into and sticking to it when it’s warmer. So try to pick something that’s fairly firm, whether you choose a rattan sofa from or you set up a dining space with a smart set of chairs instead. Your conservatory can be formal while still being a great place to relax.


Cool and Contemporary or Vintage and Timeless?

Conservatories can sometimes suffer from being stuck in the past, and you might want to make an extra effort to make sure yours doesn’t look like it hasn’t been updated in 50 years. However, you can still choose between a very modern look and something that draws on tradition for a more timeless design. Your contemporary look could feature cool colours and plenty of greenery, while a more vintage style could draw on midcentury modern or industrial styles for a mix of old and new.

Create a Daahhling Luxury Look for Your Conservatory 1

Consider Some High-tech Additions

Your conservatory is often a place where you want to be able to sit, chat and perhaps eat and drink. The distraction of a TV perhaps isn’t something you want, but you might consider some other tech additions. Music is always good to have to enhance the atmosphere, so perhaps you want to consider extending your wireless sound system, like Sonos, into the conservatory. Even small things like adjustable lights can make a big difference.

Conservatories don’t have to be old-fashioned. Add a touch of luxury to yours to make it a bit more modern.



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