8 reasons to visit Austria 

Austria might not be at the top of everyone’s travel bucket list. But it’s one of Europe’s hidden gems. Expect to see breathtaking scenery, amazing architecture, and fascinating history. It’s the birthplace of Mozart, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Sigmund Freud. But don’t worry, it’s not stuck in the past. Austria is a country that blends history and modernism perfectly. Here are eight reasons to visit Austria. 

8 reasons to visit Austria  9


Vienna is a beautiful city, situated on the Danube river. As the capital of Austria, it’s one of the first places you’ll visit, and it’s worth spending a few days here (at least). The city is packed with amazing museums, Imperial palaces, and stunning architecture. As home to some of the world’s most famous classical musicians (Beethoven, Mozart, & Schubert), it still has an excellent music scene (more on that later). 

8 reasons to visit Austria  10

Breathtaking scenery

Head into the Austrian Alps, and you will be flooded with breathtaking views. This is one of the most beautiful alpine regions in the world, which is why it’s such a popular tourist destination for Europeans. In the winter, it’s one of the busiest ski areas in the world, and in the summer, it’s even more beautiful. It’s the beauty of Austria that keeps people coming back. 

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The music scene

 In many ways, Austria is the spiritual home of classical music. So many great composers have lived here, and the music scene is still going today. When you’re in Austria, be sure to check out a concert in Salzburg or Vienna. Even if classical music isn’t your go-to genre, you’ll be blown away when you watch it live. 

The schnapps 

Need something to wash down your hearty Austrian lunch? Don’t worry, you’ll probably be offered a round of schnapps. This is the general name for distilled fruit brandy made by the locals. If you want to ingratiate yourself in the culture, you can’t say no to a round of schnapps. 

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Home to stunning architecture

Drive through the alps, and you will see hundreds of beautiful mountain houses. They have that traditional German feel to them and, if you’re not used to seeing them, will remind you of fairy tales. In Vienna, you’ll see Roman ruins, Gothic buildings, and Baroque architecture. For the uninitiated, it’s the perfect introduction to European architectural styles. 

The skiing 

Austria is known for its ski resorts. In the winter, the Austrian Alps are packed with people from all over the world. Many people fall in love with the Austrian skiing culture because it perfectly brings the sporting and partying sides together. If you have never skied before, Austria is the perfect place to try it out. Be warned though, you might fall in love and end up coming back every year. 

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The sports 

Aside from skiing, Austria has a rich sporting culture. From ice hockey to Formula 1, you can watch and play just about any sport in this country. They might not be the biggest footballing nation in Europe, but the team has made it into the Euros in 2021, so you can place a bet with EM i fotball

8 reasons to visit Austria  14

It’s perfectly situated 

If you’re travelling to Europe from the USA, Austria is the perfect country to fly into. The flights are relatively cheap and you can easily access Italy, France, Germany, Belgium, Croatia, and more. Some people even fly from the USA to Austria for a skiing holiday because it works out cheaper.


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