8 Ways to beat the Midweek Blues

The Mid-week Slump, The Wednesday Wall, The Hump Day – many of us get tired and fed up as Wednesday approaches. The week can start out so busy and stressful, with the weekend seeming so far away.

How do you survive the Wednesday Wall? Sometimes we may need a little motivation boost to lift our mid-week blues.

Here are our eight tips to powering through a positive week!

1 . Food – Start the day with a healthy and hearty breakfast. Eating something delicious will put a smile on your face as well as gearing you up with plenty of energy for the day – at least till lunch break!


Organise a dinner date, collect up a few co-workers or arrange a meet with friends then head out for a quick bite to eat. Getting away from it all and find a grassy space for a picnic or head out to that Steak Restaurant you’ve wanted to try . Whatever tasty choice you go for, looking forward to lunch will also help your morning to pass that little faster.

2. Water – As important as yourfood it, be sure to have a large bottle of water with you throughout the day. Sugary drinks can make you feel very lethargic afterwards. Stay hydrated and thinking clearly by sipping water regularly.


3. Outfit – Mix it up a little, ditch your everyday wear. Choose something that makes you feel confident, happy or positive. Wear that new shirt, dress as if it’s your birthday or just pick one item that will make you smile. Mix up your OOTD as an uplift during that midweek slump.

4. Music – Music can change your mood in an instant. Start your day right with your playlist of all your favourite tracks. Whether it is golden oldies, catchy tunes, the latest charts or some inspirational songs lose yourself with a listen.

5. Workspace – Wherever you work jazzing up your work station. Whether it be flowers, photos, a new desktop photo or stationary just mix it up. Keep your workspace clean and details to cheer you up and keep you motivated.


6. Exercise – Take the stairs, have a short lunchtime walk or unwind at the end of the day with a Yoga class. Think about what exercise you enjoy the most and schedule it into your week. A small amount of exercise will help to re-energise and keep you motivated through the rest of the week.

7. Weekend – Make plans for a busy weekend. An exciting trip, event or gathering for over the weekend. Planning the treat will keep your spirits high, looking forward to the weekend ahead.


8. Compliment – How better to beat the midweek blues than the share the love. Make someone else’s day and pay them a compliment. Pay it forward, brighten up everyone’s day. A little positivity can go a long way.

Do you struggle with the slump? How do you power on until the weekend? Let us know in the comments below! You don’t have to have the midweek slump, plan for a wonderful, optimistic week. After all, the weekend is only days away!

Here’s to a fabulous Wednesday…



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