5 Apps That Can Enhance Your Interior Design

Since owning my own home and having a space that I can decorate I have become a little obsessed with interior design. Whether it’s decorating, renovating, repainting, or refurnishing I love looking for new ideas. Jon is now used to being ignored on an evening while I scroll through Pinterest. It’s now so easy to find what you are looking for in the palm of your hand so here are my 5 Apps That Can Enhance Your Interior Design. Interior Design 1. Photomeasures – a handy tool for interior design, Photomeasures allows you to save measurements onto photographs. Take a photo of a room or piece of furniture and add in the dimensions straight onto the picture. Perfect if you want to take the dimensions with you on the go, or if you need to pass them on to someone else. Having the dimensions superimposed on the photograph helps with visualising the end result. The app is very straightforward and easy to use, you can zoom in and out and change text colour and size with no issues. You can export the image as a PDF or JPG in different resolutions. Interior Design 2. Pinterest – A fantastic app for finding inspiration and a few decor goals. It is easy to spend a long time on Pinterest, bookmarking ideas for your Interior Design. An easy interface for curating a collection of mood-boards. A tool that is great for being able to organise your thoughts and see them all in one space. It helps with staying ahead of trends by making suggestions. If you want to revamp your living room with glitter wallpaper, then you can see how many others have styled their space too. Interior Design 3. Etsy – A perfect app for some unique ideas. Looking on Esty is a great way to find handmade or one-of-a-kind items for your interiors while supporting independent crafters. It helps to break the mould and to find things that aren’t mass produced. Etsy gives personalised recommendations based on the items you’ve liked, so you are sure to find many unique home treasures. Interior Design 4. Houzz Interior Design Ideas – An app that is perfect for virtual redesigning. The app has been labelled, “Wikipedia of interior and exterior design,” with its extensive database of organised images. With 5 million interior design boulder colorado images available in high res, categorised by style, room and location you can’t complain! You can save favourites as well as being able to try out furniture items in your pictures. Interior Design 5. iHandy Level – A free tool if you don’t have a spirit level to hand. This simple tool is perfect if you are hanging shelves or planning a gallery wall to make sure everything is straight and level. Make sure your creation isn’t let down by a wonky frame with this super sensitive digital device you can carry with you at all times. Ensure everything home hangs straight with the tools accurate calibration – unless your foundations could be askew…but let’s hope not! Interior Design



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  1. Pili G
    2017/09/05 / 19:12

    I need to download this apps to help me with my new room! I love to use Pinterest to get inspiration! Really helpful post!
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