A day in the life of a lifestyle blogger and YouTuber

A day in the life of a lifestyle blogger and YouTuber 3

Lifestyle blogging and running a YouTube channel are awesome, but these content creators are busier than you think. One of the big challenges they face is remaining consistent. They’re often on the move, and if they don’t stay consistent, they can lose the following they’ve worked so hard to build up. Have you ever wondered what goes on in the average day of a lifestyle blogger or YouTuber? It’s time to find out:

Going through comments

Part of serving their following is to go through comments on their posts when they start the day. They can’t just post something and forget about it. They have to follow up their posts after publishing them and see how people reacted. Their fans have gone to the effort of reading their posts and watching their videos, so bloggers and YouTubers will show them some courtesy and reply

Fielding brand requests

If they become an influencer in the field, they’ll receive messages from businesses that want to work with them. Business will pay lifestyle content creators to create posts in which they extol the virtues of their products and pose with the company’s products. Lifestyle bloggers get a lot of these requests every day and can even end up working with some of your heroes.

Coming up with ideas

People follow lifestyle content creators because of the quality of their content. The posts provide them with value. Rather than coming up with each post as they go along, lifestyle content creators will set aside time each day to brainstorm some ideas. This eases the pressure to keep delivering. They know what they’re going to discuss. They just need to get on with it.

Creating the content

This is the fun part! With all the planning and brainstorming, it’s time for the content creator to do what their followers love them doing: creating the content. Whether for blog posts or for videos, they’ll use high-quality photography equipment to film the videos and capture the shots. Lighting is also important. It’s their time to speak to their followers, and they want to get it right. Later they’ll edit the content for the best effect.

Of course, since they’re on the move a lot, lifestyle content creators sometimes have trouble finishing the post if they’re in a location where there’s no internet. They might even need to do a live video. They can tackle the problem by getting a deal on a data only SIM, which allows them to slot a SIM card into their laptop, tablet and some mobile broadband devices so they can still get online. 

Uploading the content

Now that the content is all tidily edited, it’s time to put it out there. Some content creators will schedule their videos on YouTube or their blog posts within WordPress itself. Then, if they’re on the move and can’t publish the post manually when they’d want to, the platform will publish the post at for which they schedule the post or video to go live. Magic! 

Running a lifestyle blog and YouTube channel is immense. It takes a lot of planning and some solid organisational skills, not to mention some creative ones. Get these right, and a lifestyle content creator will build and maintain a loyal following.

Image by Bokskapet, used under Pixabay licence


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