Beanies Coffee Slimming World

Beanies Coffee flavours are something that I have been enjoying for a while and I thought it would be a great thing to share with you as they are so frequently mentioned at my Slimming World group as a good treat to have in, especially over winter.

The flavours I have tried in the past are French Vanilla, Double Chocolate, Rich Hazelnut, Amarello AlmondIrish Cream and Ginger Bread! They kindly offered to send me some more to try so I chose Gingerbread as me and my sisters loved it last year but I also went for a new blend, their Cinnamon and Hazelnut.

Beanies Coffee Slimming World

I chose this because my favourite coffee is Douwe Egberts Roasted Hazelnut Flavour Instant Coffee. I love the taste of this coffee so much, its so sweet and delicious, before trying it I had never liked coffee and just stuck with tea. I was really hoping to like the Beanies Cinnamon and Hazelnut as a bit of a change but I just found myself wishing that it was solely Hazelnut, I should have chosen their Nutty Hazelnut instead!

Beanies Coffee Slimming World

If you are someone wanting to slim down but missing the Christmas coffees then Beanies are a great alternative for you, there is no syrup in these X-Mas brews and less than two calories per serving. If you are doing Slimming World it is great to know that these coffees are syn free (excluding the milk obviously). With the recent publicity over the huge calorie intake on offer from Christmas coffees on the highstreet this is a great swap. They have some crazy flavours, Christmas Pudding, Mulled Wine, Winter Warmer and Cinder Toffee. One that I tried at Slimming World and loved was their Chocolate Orange flavour.

Beanies Coffee Slimming World



  1. Mel Wills
    2015/12/09 / 11:57

    It’s such a shame I don’t drink coffee because I’d love to try some of these flavours

    Mel ♥

  2. 2015/12/09 / 15:06

    My brother loves the Chocolate Orange one – so I decided to buy him 10 of the flavours from their website for his Christmas :)

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