Esthechoc Christmas Indulgence

So here is a rather indulgent Christmas Gift, perfect for anyone who not only loves chocolate but also cares about their skin.

Exclusively available at Harrods this product is (surprisingly) the worlds first beauty chocolate. Sounding a little bizarre I knew I would have to give it a go! Developed and invented by scientists at Cambridge Chocolate Technologies after 10 years of extensive research, they have launched the first functional dark chocolate.

Established in 2014 Esthechoc contains 72% cocoa and combines two of the strongest antioxidants; cocoa flavanols and astaxanthin carotenoid. These have been scientifically proven to improve microcirculation and raise oxygen levels in the skin.

Esthechoc boasts some incredible skin enhancing properties; ‘when consumed daily, esthechoc can slow down the process of free radical formation inside the skin and, therefore, curb the ageing process!’ Esthechoc should be taken every day alongside your daily meals and there are 21 chocolates in one box so you will receive a 3 weeks supply.


Esthechoc won The Beauty Challenger Award Skincare Category and The Beauty Challenger Award Grand Prix at Beyond Beauty, Paris, 2015. My partner has been trailing these for the past week as I am sadly now on slimming world, at 26 he cannot say he has noticed a huge change in his skin or wrinkles but has mentioned that the chocolates are pretty delish! Pictured is the limited edition festive box, which is only available from Harrods and

At £35 a box it might not be something everyone has on their Christmas Shopping list but Estherchoc is definitely a unique idea for a gift and certainly something new and unseen before to get the person who has everything or who is really hard to buy for.

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  1. Mel Wills
    2015/12/07 / 22:46

    But the most important thing I’d like to know is… how does it taste when dunked in a cup of tea?

    Mel ♥

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