The Best Styles for Wrapping up This Winter

With winter literally just around the corner, now is a good time to take a look at A/W 2017 season winter coats. Going shopping in the next week or two ensures that you have as wide a choice, as possible. If you wait too much longer there is a strong possibility that all of the nicest ones will have already been sold. OK, so now I have given you the ideal excuse to go shopping right now, it is time to give you a roundup of what you can expect to find.

Farmer Copleys Pumpkin FestivalSmart Coats

For work, it is always nice to have the option of wearing a smart coat. This year, you really are spoilt for choice. Many of the classic cuts are very much back in fashion.

A Colorful Crombie

The Crombie is fantastic for wearing over a dress, trousers or a suit. They are simply styled and smart.

A Military Style Coat

If you want a more tailored look one of this year´s military style coats is a great choice. They are usually made from good-quality, relatively heavy material, which means that they really do keep the cold out.

A Waterproof Trench Coat

For those of you who face a long commute to work, staying dry can be tricky. It is not always practical to use an umbrella, especially if you have to stand on a crowded train platform. Fortunately, there are plenty of really stylish trench coats available. They look good with practically any style of work clothes and are perfect for wearing with jeans at the weekends.

Casual Coats

Speaking of casual coats, there are some really nice ones available. This year, designers have had fun and come up with several great designs.

Ideal With Jeans

For wearing, on warmer days, bomber jackets and Harrington’s are the perfect option. Their simple styling means that they will look good with most types of outfits. A suedete or printed bomber jacket is a great option for a lunchtime date or wearing to a party.

Layer Coats

If you really want to stay warm, without necessarily having to wear a thick coat, there are some wonderful layered coats available. There are several types available including knitted versions lined with imitation sheep´s wool.

The Best Styles for Wrapping up This Winter 5Coatigans

Coatigans can also work for wearing around the house and for walking the dog. As the name suggests, they are basically a cross between a coat and a very long cardigan. They are far more stylish than they sound, so why not take a look next time you go shopping for a new coat.

Biker Style Jackets

If you like the rock chick look, why not treat yourself to a new biker style jacket? These days, you do not necessarily have to buy one made from leather. This year, designers have used some radically different fabrics and colour mixes to give this iconic jacket a fresh new look. As you can see from this page, this style of jacket is surprisingly versatile.

Other Styles of Coats

Also popular are parkas, padded duffle coats and Puffas. All of these are great-looking as well as practical. They are great for wearing on a shopping trip, meeting a friend for coffee or walking the dog.

The Best Styles for Wrapping up This Winter 6*sp


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