The Child Bride: Planning Your Wedding When You Have Kids

Planning a wedding anytime in your life is a long and stressful process, but when you have children in tow, it can add a lot more stress to the proceedings. Children don’t care about your deadlines, especially if you’ve got a lot of things on your plate when it comes to planning. So how do you plan your big day, but also cater for your little one during the day itself?

The Child Bride: Planning Your Wedding When You Have Kids 7

Involve Them In The Planning As Much As Possible

Depending on their age, they may be old enough to be given duties to help prepare for the big day, but also on the day itself. Depending on your child, they may be very confident and would be great at doing readings on the day, or even singing, handing out orders of service, or holding your dress as you walk down the aisle. Children have an eye for detail, and so even at the outset, you may want to ask them for their true opinions on your invitations. Sites like Pure Invitation have a set of bespoke design, or there are sites where you can create your own wedding invitations so they will have a real hands-on part to play in the design. By involving them in the planning every step of the way it may help you to take a couple of duties off your plate, and that it made them feel special and included on your big day.

Plan The Day Around Their Routine

Regardless of their age, they may have a specific routine, that, if it’s possible, that you need to stick to. Not every child has a set routine, but if you have young ones that need naps specific times of the day, as well as set meal times, this could mean a big difference between a happy and content child, and one who will cry all the way through the ceremony! And a lot of us don’t spend much thought to what will impact our child on the big day, choosing to go for the “he’ll be fine” approach. You may want to think about their needs a little bit more because it will make your day less stressful if you’ve got a happy, well slept and well-fed child.

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The Honeymoon Debate

Again, this depends on the age of your little one, but you need to spend time together as a happy couple, and so you might benefit from a couple of days to yourself, while the children are with their grandparents, which means you are saving money too! Or you could go somewhere that isn’t too far, so if any emergencies arise, they are a couple of hours away. Or, you may not have been on holiday for a long time so you could use this honeymoon as an excuse to have a fantastic family holiday with all of the trimmings!

Wedding stress is something you will succumb to at some point, and it can be another difficult thing when you do have children, but try these approaches, and see if it makes your planning, and the big day itself, a lot less stressful. Here’s a hint: it will!

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