Birchbox UK Beauty Subscription Box


Birchbox UK Beauty Subscription Box

Many of you will have heard of Birchbox, with over 5 million boxes delivered and 400, 000 subscribers this monthly beauty subscription box has gone from strength to strength in popularity in it’s 4 years running. The idea of beauty subscription boxes is fairly new and incredibly popular, especially among fellow beauty bloggers. It offers you a chance to try new products and broaden your essential items by trying new, exciting cosmetics that you might have walked by and missed in the past.

The only other beauty subscription box I have tried in the past was GlossyBox and I was really impressed with their full samples and the new products I discovered by trying it. The boxes are very similar in price, GlossyBox works out £15 more for a yearly subscription but are both around the £13 mark  on a monthly subscription. GlossyBox did have more girlie packaging, always has 5 products in a box and in mine was larger and had more full sized products than in this Birchbox but I have heard negatives for both boxes when it comes to small samples.


In the box you receive 4 to 5 different products randomly from a list of many. As it’s random you may look and wish you had something else or be glad of what you received, the pro’s and con’s of the beauty box. Some of the items I received were full sized whilst others were small samples. I’ll be reviewing the items separately as try them, but the items that I received in my box were –

It’s a really nice range of products, all different so there is something for everyone. I wasn’t able to find anywhere to buy the Silk and Honey shea butter hair mask, it looks as though Silk and Honey actually make their product as a kit to make up the product for £55, all kits are sold out on their website, and I given a pre-made tub. Birchbox is hard to work out the overall savings with your products but the BeautyBlender & BlenderCleanser pay for the box on their own. The tiny OPI polish is worth £2.50 as part of a set and I have heard such good things and fantastic reviews of both the Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré and Caudalie Divine Oil  which I am excited to try out and potentially invest in in the future after testing.


Overall the Birchbox is great value for the money as you get products worth way more than you pay, it just might not be items you would have originally gone for. For a monthly treat if you are open to exploring new beauty products then this is a great way to do it, or to try out samples of more expensive items you’ve had your eye on.

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  1. Abbi Simmons
    2014/06/29 / 17:58

    I really want to try out the beauty blender. You have received some pretty good products. I am keen to try out these boxes but I worry that I won’t make the most of everything I receive.

  2. Jade Morriss
    2014/06/29 / 20:01

    I’ve never tried a beauty box but I’m always interested in seeing what others receive in similar boxes. I think its a great way for trialling products you perhaps wouldn’t normally pick up. I wasn’t even aware Birchbox was available in the UK, thanks for sharing!
    Bits & Bobs

  3. Michelle Glassow Schroll
    2014/06/29 / 20:01

    Those products are amazing! I wish they would do Birchbox in Denmark :)

  4. Jessica Hubbard
    2014/06/29 / 20:43

    Wow!! You guys look like u get a tad bigger samples. Love the little bag. We don’t get a bag in the US! The Caudalie sample is huge compared to the itty tiny bitty tube I received. Loved the serum, but it was so small that it was hard to see any long term effect. But still love it. Envious of the Beauty Blender!! Great looking box!!

  5. Hannah
    2014/06/29 / 21:10

    Wow this came with some really great products! Can’t wait to hear how you get on with the Beauty Blender!

    Popcorn & Polka Dots

  6. nueyork
    2014/06/30 / 03:33

    This box is worth it solely for the beauty blender! They are so hard to find where I live and if you do, they’re super expensive. I haven’t subscribed to a beauty box yet, I’m hoping and praying Ipsy extend their shipping because their bag always looks well worth the $10!

  7. 2014/06/30 / 03:34

    This was worth it just for the Beauty Blender!
    Great box!!
    xo Holly xo


  8. Charlotte Price
    2014/06/30 / 20:51

    I really like all the items you received in your birchbox, i really want to subscribe for a beauty box but unsure of which one to get. I really like the products you got in this :-)! xxx

  9. Kyomi Richards
    2014/06/30 / 22:58

    This sounds great for those that like to experiment with brands and try something new. Often, we stick to a favourite product and get scared to come out of our comfort zone. I guess the samples are there so you can just try each one and see what works for you so you don’t feel as though you wasted your money on a full size product that you might not like? I may try this out in the future! Really nice review x

  10. Sarah
    2014/07/02 / 10:40

    Gahh, Australia need to get their act together with this as out beauty box never compare to the UK!! Love your posts xx

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