Luxurious Locks with Alterna Caviar Hair – My Personal Hair Care Routine

Recently, I had the delightful opportunity to dive into the luxurious world of Alterna Caviar hair care and try out some of their premium products and, let me tell you, they are a game changer for anyone looking to add that extra oomph to their hair care routine!

Starting with the Basics: Caviar Hair Shampoo & Conditioner

First things first, the foundation of any great hair care routine is a good shampoo and conditioner. I started with the Caviar Multiplying Volume Shampoo and Conditioner*. Retailing at £39.90 each, these products are not just an indulgence but a necessity for those striving for voluminous hair. Infused with caviar extract, the shampoo and conditioner duo cleanses and nourishes the hair, enhancing volume from the roots and leaving my hair feeling revitalised and full of life.

My hair is very long in length and has a naturally wavy texture, which provides a generous amount of volume already! My hair is thick, and gives a full-bodied appearance, but due to the length can sometimes look flat – which this duo has helped with to give lift.

My hairs texture and thickness, requires specific care strategies to maintain its health and manageability. Opting to keep my hair uncoloured, I preserve the natural vibrancy and strength of my strands, avoiding the potential damage and dryness often associated with dyeing. To further protect its integrity, I deliberately limit the use of heat styling tools. This not only prevents damage from excessive heat exposure, such as split ends and brittleness but also helps in retaining the natural moisture levels in my hair. As a result, my hair remains robust, shiny, and less prone to breakage.

The Star of the Show: Volume Styling Mist

The real standout for me has been the Caviar Multiplying Volume Styling Mist*. Priced at £32.10, this lightweight mist is miraculous. For someone who loves heatless styles, this product fits perfectly into my routine. Here’s my simple method for overnight curls that are both stunning and damage-free:

  1. I spray my damp hair with the Styling Mist, ensuring even coverage.
  2. I then wrap sections of my hair around a sock and secure them with a scrunchie.
  3. All that’s left is to sleep on it! In the morning, I remove the socks and am greeted with soft, bouncy curls.

This mist not only adds volume but also keeps my hair looking full-bodied and glamorous, perfect for any event or romantic evening!

Additionally, I’ve found that heatless overnight curls not only enhance my hair’s natural wave but also tend to last the longest. This method is not only gentle on my hair but also incredibly effective in achieving long-lasting, bouncy curls.

Why I Love Alterna Caviar Hair

Using Alterna Caviar Hair products gives me an extra boost of confidence. Knowing my hair looks and feels its best, with volume and shine that last all day and night long, really makes a difference. Plus, the fact that these products help protect and maintain my hair’s health is a major bonus.

Additionally, incorporating high-quality products like the Caviar Hair Multiplying Volume Shampoo and Conditioner into my routine complements these heatless styling techniques beautifully. These products infuse my hair with essential nutrients and volume, enhancing the texture and fullness of the curls. The Volume Styling Mist, in particular, helps set my curls while adding a lightweight lift that lasts all day, ensuring my hair not only looks great but is also well-protected and styled without compromise.

Where to Buy

You can find these fabulous products on Alterna Direct and more hair care posts here.

Final Thoughts

For anyone looking to elevate their hair care game, Alterna Caviar Hair is the way to go. Luxurious, effective, and worth the splurge, these products have my expectations. Give them a try – you won’t be disappointed!

Happy styling, everyone!

*PR Samples


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