BJJ Gear for women: Why is it so important?

BJJ Gear for women: Why is it so important? 3

The popularity of the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) has increased to a great extent. Globally not only males, females but youth are also practising this sport as it is one of the healthiest physical sports in the world. Women are now taking a special interest in this combat art on account of its health benefits and other life skills benefits such as self-defence. 

We live in progressed times, the physical sports like MMA, boxing, wrestling, etc. that were considered as the male-dominated sports, are no more male-dominated. Today we have women divisions in almost every sport as talented female are engaging in all sports. 

As a woman, if you are practising BJJ to lose fat and get leaner, or to learn self-defence or just to make your lifestyle healthy and active. Whatever the case may be, practising BJJ is one of the best decisions you could have made. BJJ can help you achieve all of your fitness goals in a very short period of time. 

However, where this fighting art is beneficial, it also has some attire rules and regulations that as a trainee you must follow. As this is one of the most physical combat forms of martial arts you can also get hurt badly or even injured if you do not follow proper attire rules. 

Excited to know about how to effectively prepare for your BJJ training sessions while also respecting the rules of wearing proper attire and training gear? Let’s start. 

1- Injury prevention 

Absolutely not want to be biased but the body structures of females are a bit fragile as compared to men. During your BJJ training sessions, you will be required to demonstrate and practice different moves, techniques, and grappling stances on your opponent and your opponent will do the same. 

Any mistake from your part or from them can result in accidental injuries. Wearing safety gear items like mouthpieces and headgear can protect you from potential injuries. 

2- Performance enhancement 

Wearing comfortable clothing while BJJ practice classes are not going to be enough. You will need to wear proper sportswear outfits that are specifically designed by activewear brands for female body types. Wearing proper sportswear apparel like BJJ women tank tops, Gis, and No-gi attire will relax your body muscles, help you in feeling comfortable, and will allow you to move quickly during your training classes. 

3- Disease prevention 

This is a teamwork-based combat sport. You cannot practice different types of BJJ fighting disciplines and workouts alone. With that said, many other practitioners may already have used the mat on which you may be going to practice with an opponent.

The drops of the sweat of other fighters may already have absorbed by the mat and in case if the mat was not disinfected properly before your training was commenced. Then there are a better than the average chance that bacterial will start to grow in the mat. 

Now if you get a skin rash or a cut while moving on the mat, you could be infected by diseases like MRSA and ringworm. Wearing no-gi rashguards or no-gi BJJ spats pants can protect you from getting rashes while you practice with peace of mind. 

4- Displaying etiquettes 

There are proper manners and etiquettes that are expected of you to demonstrate when you in a fitness academy or a gym. BJJ is a combat sport that has been around for decades and has a proper history and culture to it. Wearing proper attire while practising is not just for the looks, it is also about respecting the culture and heritage of the sport. 

When you wear a proper uniform and train with others, it gives you a sense of belonging and also emit the vibes that you respect this fighting discipline.  

5- It helps you get into the right mindset 

When you wear training gear, your brain automatically understands that you are about to partake in physical activities and prepares your muscles and body accordingly. This helps you get into a proper mindset of training and helps you push harder during your training sessions. Apart from this, you also look sportier and sassy. 


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