Blackhead Killer Review – Peel off Face Mask

Blackhead Killer ReviewBlackhead Killer Peel off Face MaskBlackhead Killer

Blackhead Killer is completely different to any other face mask I have used before. The Blackhead Killer gets rid of blackheads, spots impurities, and excess oil by removing them as it dries. It removes the bacteria reducing future breakouts, redness in your skin as well as scaring. Dead cells are removed from the surface of your skin  and the Blackhead killer is made with all-natural herbal ingredients.

To use the Blackhead Killer face mask apply for 10 minutes (I left it for about 15 to be fully dry) then peel off slowly and gently. It comes off in one but is a little bit painful so don’t do it too quickly. Then wash your face and apply a light moisturiser. I was really surprised with the results. As you can see here they have a lot of glowing reviews which made me doubt how good it was as there were no bad ones! After using it my skin feels softer, cleaner and more fresh. I can see that my skin has been made better from the mask, not all my blemishes are gone but this is the best result I have ever had from a face mask.

Blackhead Killer Facemask