Blackhead Killer Review – Peel off Face Mask

Blackhead Killer ReviewBlackhead Killer Peel off Face MaskBlackhead Killer

Blackhead Killer is completely different to any other face mask I have used before. The Blackhead Killer gets rid of blackheads, spots impurities, and excess oil by removing them as it dries. It removes the bacteria reducing future breakouts, redness in your skin as well as scaring. Dead cells are removed from the surface of your skin  and the Blackhead killer is made with all-natural herbal ingredients.

To use the Blackhead Killer face mask apply for 10 minutes (I left it for about 15 to be fully dry) then peel off slowly and gently. It comes off in one but is a little bit painful so don’t do it too quickly. Then wash your face and apply a light moisturiser. I was really surprised with the results. As you can see here they have a lot of glowing reviews which made me doubt how good it was as there were no bad ones! After using it my skin feels softer, cleaner and more fresh. I can see that my skin has been made better from the mask, not all my blemishes are gone but this is the best result I have ever had from a face mask.

Blackhead Killer Facemask



  1. bryony
    2014/02/18 / 22:07

    That looks so satisfying to peel off!

  2. Holly
    2014/02/18 / 22:10

    I’ve never found peel-off masks to work for me, reading this and other reviews I may have to give this product a try

    Holly / Face LDN

  3. Lynsey
    2014/02/18 / 23:12

    Not like a regular facemask lookswise! Definitely wanna give this a go sometime!! x

  4. Katie Ann
    2014/02/18 / 22:36

    Wow, this looks so weird on but sounds great! xx

  5. melaniface
    2014/02/18 / 23:50

    Whether this works or not it looks fun…


  6. zhanna
    2014/02/18 / 22:53

    Hi Mary and Rose, I am trying to pin it down in words, so here I go, the photos look so impressively click-seductive that one can hardly leave your post unread. The description that you provided sounds impressive too, as long as it is ‘user-friendly’ in terms of its ingredient safety. Otherwise I loved it, that is what my skin would be needing especially after red-letter days :) when my skin gets noticeably greasy. Thank you girls for the lovely info. <3 Zhanna,

  7. Laura
    2014/02/18 / 22:56

    This looks fantastic!! do you know if you can get it off the highstreet?

    Laura x

  8. Shannon
    2014/02/18 / 22:57

    I’ve been looking for a product like this! Think I’ll have to try it out :)

    Shannon x

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  9. Stephanie Fung
    2014/02/18 / 23:29

    Sounds really good, definitely have to try this out sometime!

    Steph x

  10. Kara Cottrell
    2014/02/19 / 01:14

    I love this hahahah :)


  11. Amber Karlson
    2014/02/19 / 01:15

    This looks so cool!

  12. 2014/02/19 / 06:12

    I am just too afraid to try it! I have sensitive skin and the last peel off mask I used I felt like i took a layer of my skin off with it….LOL! These peel masks has to be for the much younger crowd. Thanks for the review, I will share this with my daughter, she likes these kind of masks.

  13. Kate Flint
    2014/02/19 / 10:33

    I have a similar product by a Korean brand, it’s fantastic! I find it pulls my little face hairs, so I tend to only use this on problem areas, like around my nose :)

  14. 2014/02/19 / 16:03

    Oh wow! I absolutely need to try a new mask, because mine aren’t cutting it.
    It also looks extremely satisfying to peel that off!

  15. Cathy
    2014/02/19 / 17:50

    At first, I thought this was the Boscia Black mask! These masks are so difficult to apply but so fun to remove. This post definitely made me want to put on that mask tonight. :)

  16. 2014/02/19 / 18:35

    This looks amazing! I’ve been looking for a product like this for ages.

  17. Petrina
    2014/02/19 / 18:37

    This looks quiet scary to use but it seems to be amazing if it helps remove blackheads. I need to pick this up, great review.



  18. Kim S.
    2014/02/20 / 02:07

    I use a mask similar to this one, it comes in a tube! It’s by Leonie Skincare and yes, so satisfying to peel off!

  19. Joanna Tales
    2014/02/20 / 09:32

    That looks great! Love your blog! X x

  20. thejollyfashionista
    2014/02/20 / 15:37

    Ooh, this sounds interesting! May have to give it a try sometime. xxx

  21. Eilidh
    2014/02/20 / 20:20

    oh i want to try this so badly! theres something about peeling off masks that is so satisfying ha ha!

  22. Ashly Eyler
    2014/02/20 / 22:35

    OMGosh! I want to try this soooo bad! I just wish you posted a picture of what the bottle looks like. GREAT review and love the pics of you using the product!

  23. sydney godsey
    2014/02/21 / 00:23

    LOVE THIS!!!! Thanks for reviewing it! I will totally be trying it.



  24. Andrea
    2014/02/21 / 06:53

    I should totally try this! there is just something so satisfying about peeling stuff off your skin, like Elmer’s glue haha! and omg your eyes are such a brilliant blue!!

    2014/02/21 / 07:18

    I want to try it!!

  26. kitty kaos
    2014/02/21 / 10:29

    Looks like something I need.8 find I tend to breakout after facemasks tho did that happen?x

  27. melissa
    2014/02/21 / 10:43

    wow this looks fun ^^ i love masks, specially the peel-off ones!

    This blog you girls are writing together is really nice ^^ thanks for following me, i’m following back. Beauty is very important, and it’s normal to be naturally attracted to something with aesthetics. But the dangerous thing is if this idea of beauty isn’t perceived how it should be XD

    My last post is actually about a video i recently watched: ‘how beauty feels’

    I think you might find it interesting ^^ let me know what you think of it!

    keep in touch

  28. Rebecca
    2014/02/21 / 17:25

    Hmmm, I might need to try this!

  29. Shamiyah Kelley
    2014/02/23 / 23:58

    This looks so cool, I need to try this out– I’m obsessed with having tiny pores!

  30. becky
    2014/02/24 / 07:34

    LOVE THIS, might just have to try it out!x

  31. catsholiday
    2014/02/25 / 21:04

    This sounds great – where can you get it?

  32. Dagmara
    2014/02/25 / 21:15

    I need to get my hands on this mask, I struggle with large pores and blackheads.

  33. Abbey
    2014/02/28 / 20:10

    I’ve searched this and it’s on amazon…. I need some money I’m sick of black heads!

  34. kim bim
    2014/03/10 / 17:54

    Wow… never heard of this, getting it asap. Cheers.

  35. Cindy
    2014/12/29 / 00:17

    I ordered the Blackhead mask 1 week ago from the website and i am happy with the results! unfortunately it does not work for heavy acne but i removed all of the blackheads on my nose and chin. :)

  36. Ness
    2015/10/03 / 15:13

    Can someone let me know what the ingredients are? I don’t want to purchase something without knowing what it is exactly that Iam applying on my face.. Thanks

  37. avnni
    2024/01/19 / 13:22

    I’ve received so many compliments on my glowing complexion, all thanks to this product. It’s like a radiant boost in a bottle. click here to unveil your skin’s natural beauty!

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