Blue and Gold Nail Art – One Minute Manicure Video

Blue and Gold Nail Art

I personally love nail art and a lot of my blog has been dedicated to different nail art designs, as you can see. As much as I enjoy watching nail art videos people seem to generally make them so long and I find them quite boring and start skipping large sections just so I can see how the effects were achieved. That is why I have decided to start creating some short one minute manicure videos lasting, as the title implies,  roughly one minute. Not showing 10 minutes of me painting simple layers of polish and which polishes I used but just how I actually achieved my results.

Blue and Gold Nail Art – One Minute Manicure Video –

This is my first one minute manicure featuring blue and gold nails using an ombre gradient effect and nail stickers. Obviously videos can’t all be this short as some designs are more trickier or use more difficult techniques but let me know in the comments below your thoughts on this idea and video template. Do you prefer shorter or longer videos?

I recently purchased the 108 3D Gold Flower Nail Art Decal Stickers from eBay and was really pleasantly surprised by their quality, given how cheap they were. With a top coat they have lasted me really well and look amazing, I’m definitely going to be ordering some more as they were so quick to apply. Be aware that they come from China so delivery times can be quite a wait.

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Products used to create this Nail Art –

Disney Minnie Mouse Blue Nail Polish
108 3D Gold Flower Nail Art Decal Stickers
Essence Nail Polish Corrector Pen
Essence Colour & Go Nail Polish – Gold 157
Essence Studio Nails Better Than Gel Nails Top Sealer High Gloss


  1. Chloe G
    2014/08/07 / 21:13

    Very pretty!

  2. Margaret Polino Nicholas
    2014/08/17 / 09:48

    Great post. Not too long.

  3. María Gracia Mora
    2014/08/19 / 07:40

    Fabulous nail art! <3

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