Bourjois Python Top Coat

Bourjois have some gorgeous make up products so today I have brought you an example of the Bourjois Python Top Coat. When buying this I never expected the result to be as good as they say. I’ve never seen anyone with this crackle top coat before so had no idea what to expect. As you can see the effect is fantastic, and so unusual. Instead of the usual crackle effect it separates into a mosaic style intricate pattern. Paint two layers of colour onto your nail initially. For my example I chose a very pale colour and used Nails Inc South Molton Street Perfect Pale Pink Nail Polish. When painting the Bourjois Python Top Coat on your nail you feel a strange tightening on your nail. The effect takes longer than others to appear. Finish with a top coat to seal in the effect.

Bourjois Python Top Coat

Bourjois Python Top Coat

Nails Inc Pale Pink Polish



  1. Gillian
    2013/09/24 / 20:18

    That looks great, not like any of the other crackle coats I’ve seen out there!

    • 2013/09/24 / 22:02

      Yeah it looks awesome :) new favourite xoxo

  2. megan
    2013/09/24 / 21:23

    oohh that looks great!! Never seen a crackle like it! must give it ago! xo

    • 2013/09/24 / 22:03

      I was so surprised how unusual it was compared to other crackle nail varnishes! loved it :) send me a pic when you try it! xoxo

  3. 2013/09/25 / 04:18

    It looks amazing! I prefer this over the cracked nail varnishes :) xoxo
    Emily ⎜

    • 2013/09/25 / 18:24

      oh dear! I didn’t think this worked at first as the effect comes through so much later than other crackle effects but its ace :D xoxo

  4. 2013/09/25 / 22:33

    Barry M did a ‘croc effect’ one a whole ago that had this effect, cheaper too! Only came in black though I think.

    • 2013/09/26 / 08:50

      I saw that, didnt try it though as I had crackles in black but it looked really good, liked the way it looked like it went into smaller crackles towards the outer sides of the nails. Might try and find it and have a go! xo

  5. Shoshana Berman
    2014/04/10 / 13:52

    Can’t find it anywhere in USA :O(

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