Cute Ebay watches wishlist

Today I have made a cute Ebay watches wishlist that are all under £10! These are inexpensive watches ranging in price from £1.69 to £9.19 that I think are cute, fun or pretty to be a great accessory to an outfit.

Cute Ebay watches wishlist

Starting off my cute Ebay watches wishlist are these gorgeous black strap watches. These watches come with a range of designs – cat, top hat and tache, bow or moustache and are only £2.59 with free postage!

2nd is a more rustic looking moustache watch with a range of colours for the leather straps. The straps are available in black, dark blue, deep purple/red, brown and coffee. In my image I am showing the coffee colour watch. These watches are also at a fantastic price, £3.99 with free postage :)

Number 3 is a gorgeous brass studded watch that looks more like a bracelet than a watch. This watch has free postage and is only £3.50 and comes in a range of colours – brighten your outfit with yellow, red, green, blacks, browns and white.

#4 is a watch I loved so much I had to buy it, can’t wait for it to come through the post! This moustache watch is stainless steel and I love the thin gold strap. I’m a sucker for any moustache products and this watch looks super cute at only £3.75 with free postage.

Fifth is a fantastic watch at a total of £1.69! I love charm bracelets and know that many people don’t like wearing watches so this charm bracelet watch is perfect. Personally I would look for some of my own charms to add to this watch to personalise it.

For £9.19 total I love number 6, the super cute panda watch. Pandas are one of my favourite animals and I love this design, it’s so fun and sweet. All the profits made by this Ebayer go gratefully towards their Rescue Animals as well.

7th is a gorgeous vintage wrap around watch. This watch is available in 6 colours and I loved the weave and beaded leather straps. This watch is adjustable and comes to only £2.99!

I love number 8’s design, this minimal watch looks as though it is floating and looks so cool. It comes in white, red and black and looks so sleek, at only £1.88 total you cannot go wrong.

Finally I have listed the multicoloured flower watch that is £5 total. It’s a pretty design and I love the flowery strap. This watch comes in a range of different colours from light pink to black.


#1 cat, moustache, top hat, bow watches – £2.59

#2 rustic looking moustache watch – £3.99

#3 brass studded watch – £3.50

#4 gold moustache watch – £3.75

#5 charm bracelet watch – £1.69

#6  cute panda watch – £9.19

#7 vintage wrap around watch – £2.99

#8 minimal watch – £1.88

#9 multicoloured flower watch £5




  1. tonipitchfork
    2013/09/25 / 12:32

    These are amazing, I have an obsession with watches so thanks for the post! I may have to buy number 1 and 4. Toni xxx

    • 2013/09/25 / 13:10

      Haha no problem, I’ve bought no. 4 looks ace :) xoxo

  2. 2013/09/25 / 14:47

    I love this post! Have been looking for a new watch for sometime, and I think it’s going to have to be #4! Thanks :) xx

    • 2013/09/25 / 15:58

      Haha its the one I went for! can’t wait for it to arrive, never seen one like that before :) xoxo

  3. 2013/09/25 / 16:28

    Hey ladies, it’s great connecting with you on IFB! Loving these watches, great picks :)

    Don’t forget to enter my Rich & Skinny give away – ends tonight!

    Keep in touch xx Hélène

  4. 2013/09/26 / 00:14

    So cute!!! (:

    <3 Colleen

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