Bronnley England Summer Citrus

Freshen up your scents for summer with these sensuous citrus delights from Bronnley England.

Bronnley England

Starting off is the uplifting fragrance of the Bronnley England Lemon & Neroli Eau De Toilette perfume. The bottle is a no frills, simple glass atomiser and it is only £14 for 100ml.

Bronnley England

Made in the UK this perfume is fresh, vibrant and uplifting. The sharpness of the Sicilian lemon and mandarin top notes scent is balanced out by some very warm notes from the orange blossom, jasmine and neroli.

The scent is perfect for the warmer weather as it is light, bright and zesty whilst remaining flowery and sophisticated.

Bronnley England

The Bronnley England Lime and Bergamot three soaps package seemed right up my street as I love both of these scents. These three soaps are intended to indulge your skin, the soaps are triple milled and enriched with shea butter to add moisture and hydrate.

Bronnley England

Again the scents with these are beautiful, bright, fresh and enticing – lime, bergamot and grapefruit with base notes of warm amber and sweet woods. The soaps lather well releasing an intense citrus fragrance although the lime compliments the bergamot rather than overwhelming.

Bronnley England

I have been pretty happy with my first impressions of Bronnley England and cannot wait to keep using them, restock up and try more scents.

The company was started in London in 1883 by James Bronnley. As you can see on the packaging all of their products bears the Royal Seal, which authenticates their warrant to sell to the British Royal Family. All Bronnley England products are traditionally manufactured in the English countryside using vegetable oils, natural herbs and berries, therapeutic plant extracts, flowers and leaves.

Bronnley England

Are you a fan of Bronnley England? What are your summer scents for 2016?

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  1. india choice
    2022/03/03 / 04:01

    plz i live in north carolina i LOVE your products the bronnely neroli my granddaug just got stationed in london air force i said if there was any reason for me to come to england all my $$$$ would go to this product plz tell me is there anyway for you to get these products to me in NC? and put the price in american $$$

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