Cherry Blossom Nail Design – Gradient Cherry Blossom Video

Cherry Blossom Nail Design

In todays video I show how to create this gorgeous cherry blossom nail design, you can see my other nail art videos here. Firstly I started with a gradient base from turquoise to white to make the design a bit more interesting. Gradient nails are a great technique and perfect for making really unique designs that look like you have spent a lot more time on them than you have!

You can either use the sponge method like I have in the video or use a wide flat brush. I prefer to use a sponge to create gradient nails as it gives a bit of a texture and is very fast to do but you can only really use the sponge once so its worth looking for bags of cheap sponges. Here are the make up sponges that I use, they are really cheap on Ebay and you get a bag of 30 so are perfect for doing gradient nail art.

Cherry Blossom Nail Design

I love the cherry blossom nail design effect, it’s really pretty and the contrasting colours look great together. It’s quite different from other floral nails but it very effective and can be applied to all your nails quite quickly. You can choose other colours for the base gradient, maybe pinks or oranges but my favourite choice for this nail art is the turquoise.

Cherry Blossom Nail Design

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 Products used to create this nail art –

Maybelline New York Color Show Nail Polish- 120 Urban Turquoise

Maybelline Express Finish 862 Turquoise Lagoon

Sally Hansen New Lengths Nail Colour 13ml French White Tip

Make up Sponges – bag of 30

Hope you guys all have a Happy Easter!



  1. Sarah Barker
    2014/04/20 / 00:06

    I was in DC to see the blossoms a couple of weeks ago. These would have been perfect for the occasion. :>

  2. emilie neess
    2014/04/20 / 00:20

    Wow this is absolutely gorgeous! probably the most beautiful nail art i have ever seen!

  3. 2014/04/20 / 00:28

    Really cute! I love the look of cherry blossom but I’m allergic! I’m not gonna have any reaction to these! ;)

  4. 2014/04/20 / 08:02

    Haha, that’s great!! I really didn’t think it’d be that simple :O
    Might just have to give this a go.

  5. 2014/04/20 / 08:49

    This is awesome and absolutely beautiful! I might have to try this, I’m starting to get a little bored of one-color nails and this looks like just the trick!

  6. Sarah
    2014/04/20 / 09:50

    Oh my god, this is so beautiful! I’m totally in love with it! Wow!

  7. 2014/04/20 / 14:26

    You are so very, very talented! I wish I had the creativity to paint like this.

  8. Gabrielle
    2014/04/20 / 20:21

    Wow, this is such a lovely design – it looks sort of oriental :)

    Happy Easter!! – Building up your designer wardrobe without breaking the bank..


  9. 2014/04/20 / 22:56

    omg I love this nail art *-* really beautiful, thank you for the tutorial <3

  10. 2014/04/22 / 00:16

    Thats beautiful! I’ve always been hopeless with painting my nails. I’m definitely gonna give this a go though! :)

  11. david peterson
    2014/04/23 / 16:33

    omg…these are gorgeous!!! I want to try them really badly, but I just know that i’ll be disappointed – my nail are skills leave a lot to be desired…

  12. 2014/04/23 / 22:48

    This is such a clever idea! I’m definitely going to try this xx

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